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Belated Happy New Year Wishes SMS Messages

Missed out wishing someone very special in New Year, and now are you afraid that it might create some problems in your relationships with that person. It is never late to wish any one on the occasion. So, don’t get stressed out. We are here to save you. Tell them that you might be somewhat late in wishing, but the best wishes  for that person were always in your heart.  And also tell them, they were late because they were planning something very very special for the special person. It never really matters when you wish your loved person, the things that matters the most is your true concern for that person. There are many circumstances in which you fail to send your best wishes to the person you love, but this never means that your love for that person has faded, or you don’t care about him anymore.

So, don’t get disappointed, if you failed to send your best regards to your loved ones. We are here to help you out. Just send them the best regards, telling them the reason for your late wishes. And tell them, hardly matters that you were not able to send the best regards, but you care for them a lot.

 Belated Happy New Year Wishes SMS Messages

If you missed out wishing someone on this special occasion, then do not hesitate to send the SMS for Belated Happy New Year 2017 to anyone. We have latest collection of Belated Happy New Year SMS 2017. Just visit our site and get the best Belated Happy New Year Wishes 2017 and send them the same. It is better to be late than never re the best words. Always keep it in mind that I am sending you my dear my best Belated wishes for New Year 2017. Though you were not able to wish them the same day, but tell them to accept these best wishes and smile.

Our site is full with the best belated New Year 2017 wishes, so visit our site and get the very best for your loved ones, and tell them that you genuinely care for them. 

  1. I know I’m late with
    my happy new year’s wishes
    but I have an acceptable excuse
    my love for you is so profound
    I needed extra time to find
    the most appropriate words
  2. yes I am the first
    to send you an amazing
    next new year wish
    I’m lucky you have a heart
    full of forgiveness sweetheart
    happy belated new year
  3. I may be little late in wishing this New Year
    But my prayers are always with you on this New Year
    Belated Happy New Year
  4. Unlike my new years wishes
    my love and friendship never
    come delayed to you .
    A belated happy new year darling
  5. Dear I am not the first one to wish you New Year,
    but I am the lucky one, who is having a person like you, heart full of forgiveness,
    Happy Belated New Year.
  6. I am late its bad but wishing you Happy New Year 2017 is good,
    so forget the bad and accept the good as you are so kind and special friend of mine from my childhood.
    Belated Happy New Year 2017
  7. Celebrate first, ask forgiveness later.
    Sorry as I am late, wishing you a Belated Happy New Year 2017.
  8. I am not late with my New Year’s wish
    I just was to busy to find a suitable greeting for my friend
    Belated Happy New Year 2017
  9. Please always know I love you,
    and no one can take your place,
    Years may come and go,
    but your memory will never be erased ,
    Belated Happy New Year.
  10. My New Year’s day wishes are so late that you can celebrate longer.
    Belated Happy New Year.

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