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Desh Bhakti Poems in Hindi For 26 January 2017 – Desh Bhakti Kavita

26 January, widely famous as Republic Day, is the most awaited moment for everyone. It is the time when we pay homage to all the soldier and the freedom fighters who martyred for the freedom of our country. It is the best time to thank them all, for their immense contribution towards our country, and to respect their courage that they devoted their lives in the name of our country without any fear on their faces. Every person should be like this, a complete patriot, who live for the country and die while serving the country.

This day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and energy within every Indian, to commemorate the sacrifice of all the martyrs. Flag hoisting and various “Desh Bhakti” programs are held in schools all over the country. The grandest of all the programs is held at Rajpath in New Delhi, where the program is held just after the Prime Minister of the country pay tribute to all the ones who martyred while serving the country at “Amar Jyoti Jawan.”

Desh Bhakti songs are sung, for this we are providing you with all the Desh Bhakti Poems in Hindi For 26 January 2017 – Desh Bhakti Kavita, to make you feel more patriotic.

Desh Bhakti Poems in Hindi For 26 January 2017 – Desh Bhakti Kavita

Desh Bhakti Poems in Hindi For 26 January 2017, are the ones that bring a feeling of patriotism in their mind, and every one gets motivated to pay their tribute to all those soldier who sacrificed their lives for the country and who are today also sacrificing their lives for the protection of our country. These all Desh Bhakti Poems in Hindi For 26 January 2017 songs are very famous and popular. All song are collected by different different movies and  albums. These all songs are Best Desh Bhakti Hindi song of India. We are providing you with the best. We hope you that these Desh Bhakti Poems in Hindi For 26 January 2017 will help you a lot and you will like our this collection. Celebrate this Republic Day with Happiness and Joy and share these beautiful poems with every one, so that every one could understand the importance of sacrifice of all those martyrs, and could give them respect that they deserve.

List of best Desh Bhakti Poems in Hindi For 26 January 2017

  1. Desh Bhakti Poem in Hindi Language:
    “लाल रक्त से धरा नहाई,
    श्वेत नभ पर लालिमा छायी,
    आजादी के नव उद्घोष पे,
    सबने वीरो की गाथा गायी,गाँधी ,नेहरु ,पटेल , सुभाष की,
    ध्वनि चारो और है छायी,
    भगत , राजगुरु और , सुखदेव की
    क़ुरबानी से आँखे भर आई ||ऐ भारत माता तुझसे अनोखी,
    और अद्भुत माँ न हमने पाय ,
    हमारे रगों में तेरे क़र्ज़ की,
    एक एक बूँद समायी .माथे पर है बांधे कफ़न ,
    और तेरी रक्षा की कसम है खायी,
    सरहद पे खड़े रहकर,
    आजादी की रीत निभाई.”

    26 January Best Desh Bhakti Geet/Songs List – Republic Day Special

  2. Mera Pyara Desh Poem on Republic Day in Hindi:”Pyara pyara mera desh,
    Sajaa-sanwaara mera desh,
    Duniya jis par garv kare–
    Nayan sitaara mera desh.
    Chaandi-sona mera desh,
    Safal salona mera desh,
    Sural jaisa aalokit–
    Sukh ka kona mera desh.
    Phoolon waala mera desh,
    Jhoolon waala mera desh,
    Ganga-Yamuna ki maala ka,
    Phoolon waala mera desh.
    Aage jaaye mera desh,
    Nit naye muskaaye mera desh.
    Itihaason mein barh-charh kar
    Naam likhaaye mera desh”
  3. Republic Day Kavita in Hindi
    “Uth mere veer javan uth,
    Uth mere veer javan uth,
    Lahlahaati is dharti me aaj,
    Fir nayaa josh aaya hai !
    Kadam apne dagmagaane na dena,
    Kyonki jaane vala yah kala sayaa hai !
    Uth mere veer javan uth,
    Uth mere veer javan uth,
    Svatantrataa ka samay ab aaya hai
    Svatantrataa ka samay ab aaya hai !
    Laal, baal, paal, jaiso ne jo kasme khaai thi,
    Use pura karne ka samay ab aaya hai !
    Bahut kiya raaj angrajo ne,
    Aaya samay ab hamara hai !
    Uth mere veer javan uth,
    Svatantrta ka samay ab aaya hai”
  4. Poem On Republic Day For Kids
    “Our hearts where they rocked our cradle,
    Our love where we spent our toil,
    And our faith, and our hope, and our honor,
    We pledge to our native soil.
    God gave all men all earth to love,
    But since our hearts are small,
    Ordained for each one spot should prove
    Beloved over all.
    Happy Republic Day”

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