Happy Mahashivratri Wishes In Marathi - Status Quotes

Happy Mahashivratri Wishes In Marathi – Status Quotes

Happy Mahashivratri Wishes In Marathi - Status Quotes

Happy Mahashivratri Wishes In Marathi – Status Quotes(महा शिवरात्रीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!): A very happy and beautiful Shivratri to all people are here. We all know that the Shivratri is a religious festival of Hindu people and celebrated every year in the month of February or March. So only a few days are left for this years Shivaratri and Hindu people from all over the world are desperately waiting to enjoy this awesome day. Do you know “why we celebrate Shivratri” festival? If not then read the next line I am going to tell you the story.

The reason behind the Shivratri celebration is that on this day Lord Shiva got married to goddess Parvati and we celebrate this day every year as the marriage anniversary of Lord Shiva.

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Happy Mahashivratri Wishes In Marathi – Status Quotes

So this article is dedicated to our Marathi visitors. There are billions of people in India who speaks Marathi and Shivratri is a popular festival in Maharashtra state. So all Marathi’s here we have a newest and unique collection of the Shivaratri wishes with Status and quotes that you can easily copy from here and can send it to anyone you wanted on Facebook Whatsapp etc. Sending Messages to your loved once in your local language will surely impress them.

So all of the visitors who are searching for the never seen before Happy Mahashivratri Wishes In Marathi – Status Quotes are at the perfect place. Check these special Shivratri Marathi SMS.

  • शिव शंकरांचा महिमा अपरंपार !
    शिव करतात सर्वांचा उद्धार,
    त्यांची कृपा तुमच्यावर नेहमी असो,
    आणि भोले शंकर आपल्या जीवनात नेहमी
    आनंदच आनंद देवो…
    ओम नमः शिवाय !
    हैप्पी महाशिवरात्री !
  • शिव शंकराची शक्ती – शिव शंकराची भक्ती,
    ह्या शिवरात्रीच्या पवित्र दिवशी,
    आपल्या जीवनाची एक नवी आणि चांगली सुरुवात होवो,
    हीच शंकराकडे प्रार्थना…
    महा शिवरात्रीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!
  • शिव सत्य आहे,
    शिव सुंदर आहे,
    शिव अनंत आहे,
    शिव ब्रम्ह आहे,
    शिव शक्ती आहे,
    शिव भक्ती आहे,
    महाशिवरात्रीच्या तुम्हाला मनपूर्वक शुभेच्चा!
  • आज भगवान शंकराचे शुभ दिवस आहे.
    खूप आनंद साजरा आणि लोक शंकराचे मूल्ये समजून घेण्यास मदत.
    आनंदी महा-शिवरात्री
  • ,-“‘”-,
    | = = l
    ___| om |____

    Om Namah: SHIVAY
    “HAPPY maha shiv ratri..

Hope all Marathi people enjoy this awesome Mahashivratri wishes Status Quotes. If yes then don’t forget to share on social media sites like facebook, Whatsapp etc. Stay tuned to us for more Shivaratri updates.

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