Happy Navratri Images Wallpapers for Whatsapp Facebook

Happy Navratri Images Wallpapers for Whatsapp Facebook

Happy Navratri Images Wallpapers for Whatsapp Facebook: 

Hello my dear readers, hope you well..! once again welcome in our web portal 4cnv.in first of all wish you a very happy Navratri all, may goddess Durga bless you. As you may know that, Navratri is coming very soon, and Navratri is well-known festival of Hindus and celebrated in all over the India with great enthusiasm by Hindus in all over the world. Generally, we celebrated Navratri up to nine day and everydays of Navratri is totally dedicated for Ma Durga. This time, navratri is starting on twenty eight March to fifth April. Everybody celebrated Navratri with lots of happiness with its on unique way. So before the cool navratri stuffs or Happy Navratri Images Wallpapers for Whatsapp Facebook, lets talk about Navratri, what is navratri, why we celebrated navratri etc.

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Happy Navratri Images Wallpapers for Whatsapp Facebook:

Generally, Navratri is one of the popular religious nine days festival of hindus and falls twice in a year.  Navratri is a Sanskrit word which mean the nine nights of pray of goddess Durga. People celebrated Navratri with nine days observe fast. The first day of Navratri is called Pratipada or Ghatasthapana. The first day is the day totally dedicated to Ma Shailaputri Devi. The basic mean of Shailaputri  (the daughter (putri) of the mountains (shaila), on this day people observe fast and the evening on this day worship of Ma Shailaputri. Then the second day of Navratri is called Dwitya and the day is totally dedicated to Ma Bharmachirini, Bharmachirini is the second Avatar of goddess Durga, on this day people worship of Ma Bharmachirini by observe fast, then the third day of Navratri is called Tritya, on this day, people worship of Ma Chandraghanta for peace, tranquility and prosperity in life. Ma Chandraghanta has a ‘chandra’ or half moon in her forehead in the shape of a ‘ghanta’ or bell. Then the fourth day of Navratri is called Chaturthi, the day of navratri is totally dedicated for Ma kushmanda, Kushmanda is the fourth avatar of ma Durga. The basic meaning of kushmanda is  ‘Ku’ = a little; ‘ushma’ = ‘warmth’; ‘anda’ = ‘the cosmic egg, according to our puranas, she is considered the creator of the universe.

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The fifth day of Navratri is called Panchmi, and the day is totally dedicated for the fifth avatar of goddess durga is popularly known as ‘Skanda Mata’ the meaning of Skandamata is the mother of Skanda or Lord Kartikeya, who was chosen by gods as their commander in chief in the war against the demons, then the sixth day of navratri is called Shashti, and the day is dedicated to sixth avatar of goddess Durga Ma is popularly known as katyayani, the day is celebrated with observe fast and worship of Ma Katyayani by people. Then the seventh day of Navratri is called saptami, and this is the day of Ma Kali or Kaali. On this day people worship Ma kaali (Ma Kaali is the seventh avatar of goddess Durga) the day is popularly known as Kaalratri. then the eight day of Navratri is called Ashtami, the day is dedicated to eight avatar of goddess Durga is Mahagauri. Maha Gauri is intelligent, peaceful and calm. Then the last and ninth day of Navratri is called Navmi and this is the biggest day of Navratri, totally dedicated to ninth avatar of Goddess Durga is Siddhdatri. Siddhidatri has supernatural healing powers. She has four arms and she is always in a blissful happy enchanting pose. She rides on the lion as her vehicle.

Before the Navratra, many Hindu brothers and sisters are looking for Happy Navratri Images, Happy navratri wallpapers, Happy Navratri Wishes, Navratri messages, Navratri gif images to wish Navratri in advance with his/her friends or family members, so here in this article, i am going to provide you best or latest Happy navratri stuffs, through these you can wish Navratri with anyone, so make your occasion special with our best Navratri stuffs.

Happy Navratri Images Wallpapers for Whatsapp Facebook:



सारा जहां है जिसकी शरण में, नमन है उस माँ के चरण में, हम है उस माँ के चरणों की धूल, आओ मिलकर माँ को चढ़ाएं श्रद्धा के फूल। शुभ नवरात्रि.

देवी माँ के कदम आपके घर में आयें, आप ख़ुशी से नहायें, परेशानियाँ आपसे आँखें चुरायें, नवरात्रि की आपको ढेरों शुभ कामनाएं। शुभ नवरात्रि.

May Mata bless you
On this auspicious day of Navratri,
And may on this festive season dhan,
Yash and samriddhi come your way Happy Navratrey Friends

माँ की आराधना का ये पर्व हैं,
माँ के नौ रूपों की भक्ति का पर्व हैं,
बिगड़े काम बनाने का पर्व हैं,
भक्ति का दिया दिल में जलाने का पर्व हैं शुभ नवरात्री

N = Nav Chetna
A = Akhand Jyoti
V = Vighna Nashak
R = Ratjageshwari
A = Anand Dayi
T = Trikal Darshi
R = Rakhan Karti
A = Anand Mayi Maa
May Nav Durga bless you always. Wish you and your family a very Happy Navratri!




Memories of moments celebrated together,
Moments that have been attached in my heart forever,
Make me miss you even more this Navratri.
Hope this Navratri brings in good fortune.
Happy Durga Pooja…

Today is first NAVRATRA. May GOD DURGA give prosperous to you and to your family. May her blessings be always with you. JAI MAATA DI. Happy Navratra!

What is that bright light?
From where does this fragrance coming?
This gentle breeze, cool air, hearty music…
Oh! its Navaratri Happy Navaratri…

माँ दुर्गे, माँ अंबे, माँ जगदांबे, माँ भवानी, माँ शीतला, माँ वैष्णाओ, माँ चंडी, माता रानी मेरी और आपकी मनोकामना पूरी करे.जय माता दी.

Play garba with intention of celebrating the festival not to change your relationship status.




Nav deep jalen, Nav phool khilen, Roz maa ka ashirvaad mile, Is navratri aapko wo sab mile jo aapka dil chaahta hai! Shubhkamnaayen!

Nav deep jalen
Nav phool khilen
Roz maa ka ashirvaad mile
Is navratri aapko wo sab mile jo aapka dil chaahta hai!
Kabhi na ho dukhon se saamna
Pug pug Maa Durga ka ashirvaad mile!
yahi hai hamaari taraf se Navratri ki shubhkaamna !
Maa ki araadhna ka ye parv hai
Maa ke nau rupon ki bhakti ka parv hai
Bigde kaam banaane ka parv hai
Bhakti ka diya dil me jalaane ka parv hai
Navratri shubh ho!

Lal rang ki chunari se saja Maa ka darbar,
Harshit hua man, pulkit hua sansar,
Nanhe nanhe kadmon se Maa aaye apke dwar,
Mubarak ho aap ko Navratri ka tyohaar. Wish You a Very Happy Navratri

Lakshmi ka Hath ho,
Saraswati ka Sath ho,
Ganesh ka niwas ho,
Aur maa durga ke ashirwad
Se Aapke jeevan mai
prakash hi prakash ho.

Aapi shako to aapni dosti magu chu,
dil thi dil no sahkar magu chu,
fikar na karo dosti per jaan lutavi dais,
rokdo vyavhar che kya, udhar mangu chu?
Happy Navratri!

Duao me shamil ho is tarah,
fulo me hoti hai khushbu jis tarah,
MATA aapki zindagi me khushiya de is tarah..
dharti par hoti hai Barish jis tarah.

Durga Mata



Ramji ki mahima
Sita maa ka dhairya
Lakshmana ji ka tej aur
Bharat ji ka tyaag
hum sabko jeevan ki seekh deta rahey.
Happy Chaitra Navratri.

Maa durga humein sarvshreshtha banne ka
Saahas-ichha-dhairya pradan kare.
Unki aseem kripa hum par bani rahe!
Apko aur apke parivar ko
Navratri ki shubhkamnaye

A blissful Navratri to you! Meet this festival with triumphant cheers believing that blessings are on their way.

Hurray! Make way! It’s Navratri today! I have nothing much to say But for God to bless your way

Lakshmi ka hath ho..saraswati ka sath ho ..ganesh ka niwas ho ..aur maa durga ke aashirwad se aapke jeevan main prakash hi prakash ho..aap sab ko navratri ki hardik shubkamnaye.




Thanks for the visiting your precious time here, if you guys wanna more Navratri stuffs, then write your comment in comment box below, i believe our team will provide you as soon as possible, once again wish you happy Navratri in advance, Durga ma bless you.


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