Bye 2016 & Welcome 2017 Status For Whatsapp & Facebook

We all have reached almost to that point from where we have to wave a good bye to 2016 and have to give a warm welcome to the brand new year 2017. All are excited for the celebrations of new year. And we hope that many of us have started with the preparations also. And why not, this is the most important festival for every one around the globe that is without any racial, religious discrimination. All the people celebrate it with a great zeast. It is the only festival that brings everyone close to each other. It has that spark within it, that everyone forgets their bitterness and once again come close to each other to start their life in a new way and brings happiness to everyone’s life. New Year brings a beautiful chance with it, so that everyone can heal the world with love and peace. It gives a beautiful chance to everyone, so that if they have any estrangements with each other and want to solve it out, so that they could give a new start to their relationship, o that they can give it. This year is giving you all a sparkling chance friends, if you want to confess something from your parents, your friends and all your near and dear ones, so you can solve it out. The beauty of this festival lies within its simplicity only, and what is the simplicity? It is that it is celebrated by everyone. Everyone wish each other a Very Happy new Year whether they know them or not, so isn’t it beautiful, a festival that could bring everyone together. and could create a beautiful bond between them.

Bye 2016 & Welcome 2017 Status For Whatsapp & Facebook

New Year begins with a lot of hopes within everyone. Hopes are such beautiful part of life that without hopes nothing is possible. When you have hopes for something, then it brings a confidence, a zeast with it so that you put your best efforts to achieve that. So, this new year is bringing a lot of hopes with it, a beautiful chance, so that whatever you were unable to achieve in this year, you could achieve it in the upcoming year. It is a brand year, make the best use of this year. utilize all you time for thee best of you as well as for others.

We understand that for many of us the year treated harsh, but this is the time friends, that you have to give a new start to your life, rather than sticking to the past memories. So, it is the time to wave a beautiful good bye to 2016 and thanking it , whatever memories welcome the brand new year 2017, understanding that this is a beautiful chance to move out of the dilemma. And new year is not only about coming out of your own problems, it is a time when you have to solve the problems of your friends, your family and all the people who are your loved ones. This is a beautiful time, celebrate it, love it, and utilize it for the best, for the help of everyone who are in need, this time come out of your own sorrows, make the day for other people, make them happy, and then see what will happen. How beautiful the world will become. Everyone will have smiles on their faces. And the world will become the happiest world ever. This is an opportunity, make t the best.

We have provided you with some of the bye 2016 and welcome 2017 status for WhatsApp, that you can update and let the world be the happiest world ever. And not only WhatsApp, we have also provided you with some of the beautiful bye 2016 and welcome 2017 Facebook status that you can post in your Facebook wall and can help the world indirectly. Words have such a power within it, that can change everything. Words are so powerful, so make sure your words should be the most motivating. And you also have a beautiful platform provided to you so that you can motivate it for the better. Just put some of best bye 2016 and welcome 2017 status for Facebook and WhatsApp, so that you can become a part for providing happiness to everyone.

  1. Let us Welcome The Νew Year,
    Give The Ηappy Adieu Tο The Old,
    Start The New Beginning Withοut Fear,
    Αnd Cherish The Μemοries We Hold!
  2. Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017! You remember: life is short, you really love, to release any further, laugh regularly and nothing to regret forever!Happy New Year To All.
  3. My New Years Resolution is
    to break my New Years Resolutions….
    That way I succeed at something!
    Happy New Year 2017
  4. The new year begins, let us pray that it will be a year with peace, happiness and abundance of new friends, God bless us throughout the new year 2017, Goodbye 2016 & Welcome to New Year 2017.
  5. In everything, there must be a season, a time to come and a time to go,
    I pray that this New Year 2017 brings to you happiness and joy forever and ever.
    Bye Bye 2016 & welcome 2017!
  6. A brand new year 2017 is waiting for you,
    welcome it with everything you have,
    Forget all the past memories,
    And make the upcoming year the best year of our life.
  7. It is the time when people choose to stop thinking about the past and look forward to the future, with new hopes and aspirations. Bye Bye 2016 Welcome 2017.
  8. In everything there must be a season,
    A time to come and a time to go,
    I pray that this New Year 2017  brings to you happiness and joy forever and ever.
    Bye Bye 2016 & Welcome 2017.
  9. Most tougher goodbyes are those Goodbyes Which could not be said or could be explained, But go ahead with positive energy and ultimate fun and gusto and say.
    Goodbye 2016 Welcome 2017.
  10. A Brand New Year 2017 Is knocking our doors and millions of memories are waiting for us, Let us wave goodbye with a great smile and welcome 2017 with cheers.
    Bye Bye 2016 & Welcome 2017.
  11. We are in the last two days of 2016,
    Just felt I should thank everyone who made me smile this year.
    You are one of them so here’s a big thank you.

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