25 insanely gruesome street names in western New York

There are literally hundreds and thousands of streets in western New York City. Some are major roads such as Niagara Falls Blvd., Transit Road, Southwestern Blvd., Sheridan Drive, and Milestrip Road.

However, as you probably know, there are other streets that are either dead ends or side streets and some of them have amazing names. Some are downright horrible names if I’m being honest.

They are so amazing that you think to yourself, “How and why do these street names exist in the first place?”

One of the streets I discovered is actually the one I grew up in the same neighborhood as Pheasant Run Road.

I remember people making jokes on the road as a kid every time Thanksgiving was up, like “this road better watch its back this week!”

You may have roads, streets, avenues, plazas, squares, courts, and alleys that spring to mind when you think of terrible and bizarre street names in western New York City.

These 25 street names come from across the region, including the city of Buffalo and surrounding suburbs. Check them out below!

The 25 Worst Street Names in Buffalo, New York

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