Alabama Family Discovers Gray Rat Snake Hiding In Their Toilet, Footage Goes Viral

A family living in Eufaula, Alabama, USA, were terrified of seeing an unwanted visitor sneaking into their toilet. The unknown visitor was a giant ratsnake. As soon as the family became aware of the intruder, they called the Eufaula Alabama Police Department for assistance. After the cops arrived at the complainant’s home, they managed to get rid of the reptile. Additionally, the police department also took to Facebook to share the true story of the unusual complaint.

According to authorities, they usually receive many complaints throughout the day, but spotting a giant snake is something they least expected to happen during their regular schedule. The incident happened on Sunday. The station shared by the gendarmerie consisted of two photographs of the reptile folded into the hole in the chest of drawers. Cops said they were continuing with their regular shift and news of the snake finding in the toilet was not on their waiting list.

Authorities said the department’s day shift workers managed to remove the snake from the toilet seat. In doing so, they assured that the reptile was safe and was released into a more suitable habitat, adding that the snake was harmless. The message read: “We never know from one day to the next what type of call we will receive during our shift. Today was no exception, however, a snake in the toilet was not on our list of possibilities. The day shift removed the unwanted visitor and released it into a more suitable habitat. The snake was a harmless gray rat snake.

Concluding the message, the police department hilariously wrote, “In defense of the snake, he was just trying to contact the owner regarding his car’s extended warranty.”

As soon as the story surfaced online, it went viral in no time, amassing over a thousand likes and around 60,000 shares on the social media platform. Netizens responded in droves to the viral story, while one thanked the police department for not harming the animal, “Thank you for moving the snake and not not have killed a beneficial for our ecosystem, it is an excellent message. Another said, “Never go at night without turning on the light.” One user expressed paranoia about going to the bathroom after reading the story, another joked, “That’s why I always keep the lid closed.”

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