All images from Sue Gray’s report and what they show

Sue Gray’s report is 40 pages long and includes a series of recently released images of Boris Johnson at Downing Street events

Whether Sue Gray’s report would include new footage was hotly debated ahead of its release.

After all, while a politician like Boris Johnson can challenge the terms of his report’s findings, it’s much harder to challenge photos of rule-breakers.

So what do the nine images in his report, which was released today (May 25), show?

The photos focus on two events: a rally in the cabinet room on Boris Johnson’s birthday on June 19, 2020 and a rally at No 10 when special adviser Lee Cain left on November 13 the same year .

At the June event, a group of people including Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, Mr Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak gathered to wish the Prime Minister a happy birthday, according to the Sue Gray report.

The report states: “Food, alcohol and soft drinks were provided, having been arranged in advance that morning. The event lasted approximately 20-30 minutes.

The cabinet room had been stocked with “sandwiches, snacks, soft drinks and cans of beer.”

Footage shows a table in front of Boris Johnson was laden with four bottles of wine, half a bottle of gin and two bottles of champagne or cava.

You can see all the photos below:

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