An easy way to create quality images for your website

In today’s era, with the massive rise of social media in recent years, we all receive a lot of information at our fingertips every day. This is why, so that an Internet user who browses the Internet chooses to click on your content (and therefore on your website), you must take care of the small details that distinguish you from the rest of the companies in your professional activity.

One of these details, and which I want to talk to you about today, is to create unique, quality images that grab the attention of the audience you want to address.

Yes, you read that right. I said to create. I know what you’re thinking… Error. Yes you can. And yes: I don’t care if you’re not a professional graphic designer.

If you don’t need any of that and can design your own images completely online and very easily without prior knowledge of any type of graphic design program… things would change. Am I wrong?

Today I’m going to discover something that will allow you to offer your visitors quality graphic material on your website, blog, online store, or social media profiles. I’m talking about DesignCap.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is a completely online tool with which you can design virtually any type of graphics you can think of for your website or blog.

All this in a very intuitive way and obtaining detailed final results with a very professional appearance.

Of the ones I’ve tried, this is without a doubt the most powerful tool I’ve found to perform this type of task (obviously, not counting the graphic design programs that install on your computer).

Its possibilities are enormous, giving you pre-made designs that are both stylish and professional and giving you the ability to design everything from scratch using its repository of images, graphics, illustrations, fonts, and more.

If that wasn’t enough, DesignCap also allows you to upload images or any graphics from your computer so that the resulting design can be even more personalized if possible.

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What type of images can I create with DesignCap?

As I mentioned before, with DesignCap you can create any kind of graphic element you need for your internet business.

Let’s see a list of things you can do on this platform:

  • Graphics for social networks (cover images for Facebook and Twitter, images for Instagram or Tumblr, images for Google Plus, YouTube thumbnails and YouTube banners, Facebook ads, etc.).
  • Infographics, charts, tables and images for your blog posts.
  • Business cards, flyers, posters, gift cards, restaurant menu cards, and virtually any corporate image element you can think of.
  • Cards and invitations for events (weddings, birthdays, etc.)
  • Ad design.
  • Presentations for your work or class.
  • CV to find a job.
  • Striking email header to generate more responses.
  • Daily schedule, work schedule, fitness schedule, class schedule, etc.

In the bottom image I let you capture all the possibilities you have (to which you must add the possibility of making designs of any type with the specific dimensions you want).

Step by step tutorial on how to create images for your website, blog or social media with DesignCap

I am convinced that when you see all the possibilities that DesignCap offers you, I put my teeth in longer.

You want to learn how to use it right away… am I wrong? Your wishes are my orders. I’ll do an example with you so you can get started with DesignCap.

I’m not going to do anything too complicated to start with since my idea is that you see how you can handle the tool.

After this short guide, you will be able to develop your designs to the point you want, with the only limit being your imagination and your creativity.

1. Account registration

The first step to being able to use DesignCap is to register on the tool’s website.

It’s extremely simple: just enter an email and a password on its home page to access it. If you prefer, you can register by connecting DesignCap with your Facebook or Google profile.

He doesn’t have any more. Easy… right?

2. Choose the type of image you are going to create.


Now it’s time to select the type of image you are going to design.

I’m going to do a featured infographic for a blog.

To do this, on your DesignCap home page, navigate to the button where it says “Get Started Now”. All the possible options that I have already shown you when talking about the types of images you can create with DesignCap will open up to you.

Look in the “Infographic” section and choose a pre-made template.

Immediately after that, the working environment will open to make the graphic design of our image.

3. Design an image for your blog with DesignCap


We have arrived at the moment of art and pure creativity.

Once the previous steps have been completed, we end up with a blank document to create the image of our blog.

To design to your liking, you will only have to use the different options that are on the left.

Next, I will explain what each of them is used for…


By tapping on this option, you will see that you can access several predefined templates from which to create your own.

It might be highly recommended to use this option at first when you are not very familiar with DesignCap, but I assure you that eventually you will leave it out and make designs from scratch in a few times you fiddle with it. tool (since it’s incredibly intuitive).

In our example, we will use one of these templates as a base.

Now if you hover over the design we are going to create, you will see that we can very quickly modify any element of the template (colors, font sizes, fonts, images, etc.).

I will remove the image and leave only the geometric shape on the left side, as well as increase its size a bit and change the text.

The result of performing these tasks will be something like this…

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In this section, there are millions of icons that you can search and use for free. It also offers a wide selection of predefined shapes, lines, frame masks, bubbles, and more.


With this button, you can search by words to find graphic design elements that fit what you want to put in your image.

To find what you are looking for, just write the word or words related to what you are looking for.

When the results are displayed, you will see that in DesignCap there are free components to use in your designs.



DesignCap’s graphics tool is quite talented. It is very smart to import your data directly from XLS, XLSX or CSV files. You can simply adjust the date of each value, number and title or change the text color, fonts and data size. This is what attracts me a lot.


From the DesignCap download tool, you can download the graphic elements created by you or downloaded from other sites that do not belong to the DesignCap tool, which can help you create much more personalized designs .

For example, I’m going to use one of the images that I currently use on my own website. You can use whichever you think is most convenient or preferred.

To complete our design, we will look for some components that DesignCap provides us through its search tool, thus completing our image for the blog.


DesignCap text tool. This tool, as seen, will allow you to modify everything related to fonts, font sizes, character spacing, etc., in your design.

To do this (as with any other DesignCap element), we will only have to hover over the header we just created and choose the options we want to implement.


This is another tool that I like the most. It is quite convenient to organize each piece of infographic information clearly and quickly. There is a wide selection of unique types that we can choose from such as diagrams, timelines, steps, statistics, comparisons, etc.


BKground (Background)

It’s time to choose the background of our image and therefore to use the “BKground” option.

If you like it, change the default background to a color you like.

You can also choose a predefined pattern as the background for your blog image.

4. Download the designed image to your computer

The last step is to press the “Download” button located at the top right to save the design you have just created on your computer.

You can decide to save it in jpg, png or pdf format. The choice is yours.

Once registered… voila! Now you can use this unique and different image with a special professional look on your website or blog.

One more thing.

You can save the design to your profile so you can edit your design and download it anytime.

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The end


As you have already seen, not having a design program or not knowing how to use it is not a valid excuse for not taking care of the graphics of your website once you know the existence by DesignCap.

I hope this tutorial will help you discover this fantastic online tool and that you will start using it today to create quality images for your website or blog.

Suppose you still have questions or want to learn more about DesignCap. In this case, I recommend you to watch this video and subscribe to their YouTube channel, where they put fascinating information and specific tutorials with techniques and details of this web application so that you dominate it in depth.

Try DesignCap graphic design software


Ease of use




Thumbs up!

I hope this tutorial will help you learn about DesignCap, the fantastic online tool, and start using it today to create quality images for your website or blog.

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