April Fool’s Day 2022: Origin, Jokes, Pranks, Funny Pictures and More

As we know, life is very busy and complicated in today’s world because we are too busy doing our own things that sometimes we even forget to enjoy and celebrate life in this fast-paced world.

Busy work schedules lead to depression, disappointment in relationships, struggles and tension which automatically lead people to adopt bad habits like smoking, drinking etc.

So we have to keep in mind that sometimes having fun and making jokes can ease our mind and improve all aspects of our life.

Funny jokes and pranks are fundamentally important aspects of our lives that make people laugh. When it comes to joking and ridiculing someone, how can you forget the month of April which begins with a day that brings smiles and laughs!

Well, we are talking about April Fool’s Day, which is celebrated on the first day of April. It makes people happy and reminds them how important it is to enjoy every moment because you never know how long you’re here.

Origin of April Fools

April Fools / color-meanings.com

The true origin of April Fool’s Day is still unknown, but there are many stories behind the celebration of this day. People laugh at their dear and near ones on this day.

One story goes that April 1 became Fool’s Day due to English poet Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th century book collection, The Canterbury Tales, where he includes a playful reference to March 32, which is April Fool’s Day.

The other story suggests striking similarities with some ancient festivals such as Hilaria, a joyous Roman festival, which is held around March 25, and Holi, a Hindu spring festival celebrated at the end of March during which people have a lot of fun in throwing colors and water on each other. .

April Fool’s jokes and quotes

April Fool

April Fool’s Jokes / indiatimes.com

On this April Fool’s Day, have fun and ridicule your friends and family members by doing silly things and wish them a very happy April Fool’s Day with these funny jokes and quotes, make sure they should not be hurt by your jokes and jokes:

  • What is the best day to propose?? April 1st. If they say yes, cool, if they say no, just shout April Fool’s Day!!!!
  • You are the most humble, intelligent and caring person I have ever met. Smiling?? Happy April Fools!!
  • If I congratulate you one day, look at the calendar because that day must be April Fool’s Day!!
  • If someone says you’re stupid on April Fool’s Day, then believe them anyway!!
  • Scientists have finally managed to find the difference between man and monkey, a man sends the messages and the monkey reads them!! Happy April Fools!!

Happy April Fool’s Day / mapsofindia.com

  • Does anyone want to join me for the world tour on April 1st??
  • To people born on April 1st, God has played the biggest prank on you!!
  • If no prank works on you on April 1st, then you are the smartest one!!!
  • I can’t live without you is the biggest joke people often tell each other!!
  • If stupidity has a face!! It will look just like the one you have!! Happy April Fools my stupid friend!!

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