Call for photographers and digital artists for images reflecting NH’s diverse communities

MANCHESTER, NH – More than a year ago, a A number of local, state, and regional community groups and racial justice allies have begun collaborating on a new political and advocacy organization focused on advancing issues of racial and economic justice and gender equity. health in New Hampshire. As a result of this work, I am happy to share that a new political and advocacy organization is about to be launched here in the Granite State.

New Hampshire Center for Justice and Equity will advance issues of racial and economic justice in collaboration with anyone willing to work to correct long-standing pervasive inequities, encourage partners to collaborate in this work, promote the sharing of human and capital resources.

As we prepare to launch in October, we are establishing our web presence. The Centre’s web presence will be represent and present that of the Center Culture, guiding principles, development process, and more above all, to reflect those we serve… communities of color, LGBTQ+, disabilities and equally marginalized communities.

What we appreciate

  • Equity and justice
  • Courage and resilience
  • Inclusion and collaboration
  • Empathy and kindness
  • Integrity and respect
  • Justice & Works

New Hampshire Center for Justice & Equity Program Pillars

  • Building and organizing the community
  • Public policy
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Operational supports and intentional investments

With an appreciation of the role the arts have played in advancing racial and economic issues justice, the NH Center for Justice & Equity would like to work with New Hampshire creators community to store digital images for use on the Centre’s website.

Images/digital art will be used for “promotional purposes only” and will depict in content AND in tone, organizational vision and mission of the New Hampshire Center for Justice & Equity.

We will be launching the Centre’s website on Wednesday, September 28, hoping to identify images/artwork needed by Monday, September 26e.


  • Up to 10 high resolution images for use on the Centre’s external website. Selected images will be used for “promotional use only” without any need for exclusivity rights. oh We want to include artist attribution and contact information for all featured images Images should reflect the culture of the Center in content and tone.
  • Images should reflect New Hampshire and those the Center is intended to serve. Photography and digital art.

oh Color or Black/White

oh Format: high resolution images

(JPEG (or JPG) – Joint Photography Expert Group. …

PNG – Portable Network Graphics.

Rate of pay

  • $100 per image for a maximum of 10 images.

Submission deadline

Friday, September 23, 2022

Who do I contact in case of questions?

Anthony Poor, [email protected]

Anthony Poore, President and CEO

New Hampshire Center for Justice and Equity

Manchester, NH

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