Can you identify which of these 12 images depicts women?

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It was easy to identify women in the 20th century. They are the ones who have driven you to lust and scratched your eyes out. Now the word “woman” means nothing and they could be literally anyone. You might even be a woman and not know it yet!

To prepare for modern society, study the twelve images below. Can you identify which of these images represents a woman?

NOT SATIRE: Recently, we held a public event the day before our annual Wilberforce weekend to talk about how we can prepare for life in a post-Roe world. A very important aspect of this event was to learn how we can respond to the common slogans, the common lines that people often throw in favor of abortion. We asked Stephanie Gray Connors, one of the great apologists for the sanctity of life in our present moment, to address some of these slogans and she responded to a common pro-abortion statement, “embryos are not some people”. It was captivating, powerful and should be heard by all. Additionally, at last week’s pre-Wilberforce event, planning for a post-Roe future, Stephanie responded to three more taglines, just like this one. To have access to the entire evening, In preparation for a post-Roe world, sign up for the daily Breakpoint commentary!

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