Clerks 3 Images Tease Faithful Recreation Of Original Movie Scenes

Kevin Smith shares footage from the editing process of Clerks 3, revealing shots that recreate moments from Smith’s original 1994 debut.

Kevin Smith shares footage of Clerk 3montage, revealing shots that recreate moments from Smith’s original 1994 debut. Clerk 3 is the long-awaited sequel to Smith’s comedy film series. The original film starred Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson as convenience store clerks, while Jason Mewes and Smith himself played two drug dealers who lingered outside the store.

A low-budget comedy starring, written, directed and co-produced by Smith, Clerks was the director’s first film, following two ordinary, exhausted convenience store clerks through an average day in their lives. Starring Halloran and Anderson as Dante and Randal respectively, the pair discuss life, love, pop culture and work with clients, with occasional interactions with Dante’s girlfriend, Veronica. (Marilyn Ghigliotti), her ex Caitlin (Lisa Spoonauer) and local drug dealers. Jay (Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith). Critically acclaimed and even selected for preservation by Congress, Clerks launched Smith’s career, introduced popular standout characters Jay and Silent Bob, and allowed him to create his own shared universe of films in the form of View Askewniverse. And now Smith’s latest work seeks to pay homage to his feature debut in his latest film.


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Shared by Smith on his personal Instagram account, the director gave fans a glimpse of Clerk 3of the editing process, including some familiar scenes. Smith says each photo depicts a re-enactment of a scene from the original film, with returning actors reprising their roles in similar costumes. Smith also revealed that the film was nearing the end of production, stating that it was only hours away from completion. He also left a heartfelt thank you for everyone who helped out with the production, saying he can’t wait to share it with fans. Check out Smith’s post below:

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A long-awaited return to Clerks series, Smith said he completed the script in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, alongside a script for Mallrats 2a sequel to his 1995 comedy which he produced after Clerks. Despite the number of VFX shots in the film exceeding the number used in star wars to clean up the shots, as well as bringing in actors from subsequent films, Smith was determined to create a film closer to the style of the original film, with the feature filmed in both black and white and color. Although reminiscent of the original, Clerk 3 is a personal film to Smith, as he drew inspiration from his heart attack for the film, drawing from experience in Randal’s story.

Smith has come a long way since his debut with the original Clerks film, not only growing as a filmmaker, but becoming a recognizable name and personality in the modern film industry. Although he has come this far, Clerk 3 is certain to be an emotional film for Smith, as the director not only drew on his personal experiences, but reflected on his own journey. While Clerk 3 was to be Smith’s final film, he’ll be curious to see where his journey takes him after this heartfelt production.

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