DJI Goggles 2 first images!

After hitting the FCC database last week, the first images of DJI’s new Goggles 2 have been shared by two notable leakers on Twitter. Along with that, we have a rumor that Avata is advancing through the production cycle ahead of its supposed launch.

The first images of DJI Goggles 2 show its small size

Photos shared by DealsDrone and OstalV On Twitter, notorious leaks of all things DJI show the upcoming DJI Goggles 2. This is set to release alongside DJI’s first cinewhoop drone, the Avata, whose release date is currently pending.

The photos show what we’ve already seen from leaked renders over the past few months. This is a smaller headset with only two antennas compared to the current four goggles. And when we say small, we mean small. For example, an image compares the size of glasses 2 to the size of a water bottle.

DJI’s Goggle 2 won’t be as bulky as the goggles used for current FPV and will only come down to the top of the pilot’s nose. This is in contrast to current FPV goggles which almost cover the nose and extend almost to the pilot’s ears. This begs the question, are they meant to replace the previous generation of goggles or just to be used for Avata cinewhoop?

There are a few design changes worth noting. Most noticeable will be the two cooling vents on the bottom of Goggle 2. There’s a photo showing the antennae as removable, and the color will be mostly the same gray we’ve seen before. Other than that, it takes a lot of the design elements of current-gen FPV goggles, just in a smaller package.

DJI Avata heads to KOLs for review

OstalV came in after sharing their images of Goggles 2 with information about the drone he is set to date, the Avata. OstaLV says the Avata goes to key opinion leaders (KOL). KOLs provide product feedback before production to help DJI produce a product people will buy.

This is a minor but welcome update to Avata, which received conflicting rumors about its current status last week. First, DealsDrone tweeted that Avata will be delayed due to the change in production location. Then, however, Avata and Goggles 2 made their way to the FCC database, which is a good sign that release is imminent.

Of course, DJI will not acknowledge any leaks and will simply wait until they have set a date to release the new drones to the public. Hopefully it will be soon.

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