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Last week, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released new images of an unidentified girl found dead in Alabama in 2012.

The organization said an anthropologist from the Smithsonian Institution had been recruited to create the new images, which could show what “Opelika Baby Jane Doe” looked like before her death.

The skull of the unknown girl was found behind a mobile home in Opelika in January 2012. Since then, investigators have determined that the girl had suffered long-term abuse that left her blind in one eye and marked until his death between 2010 and 2012.

“Based on expert feedback, we believe she could not see with her injured eye and that the injury could have occurred months to a year before her death. … This information is vital as we know the injury was visible to anyone who interacted with the girl and may play a crucial role in her identification, ”Opelika Police Sgt. Alfred White said in a statement to WIAT .

Baby Jane Doe was between 4 and 7 years old when she died. She had shoulder-length black hair in tight curls. As evidence indicates the girl was malnourished, police said her weight, height and eye color were undetermined.

According to WIAT, a chemical isotope test performed on her bones determined that she was born and raised in Alabama or a neighboring state. Investigators suspect the girl may be from Orlando, Florida.

In 2016, the Opelika police released photos showing who they believed was the girl who died at the holiday Bible school at the Opelika Baptist Church of the Great Peace in 2011, about three miles from the place where the remains were found. A school teacher reportedly provided the photos to the authorities.

Last year, these photos were improved to more clearly show the unidentified girl with a disfigured eye. The Bible school teacher who gave the photos to the cops said the enhanced images looked more like Baby Jane Doe.

White said his department was continuing to investigate the matter. Anyone with information should call the Opelika Police Department on 334-705-5200.

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[Featured image: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children/Opelika Police Department]

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