Elden Ring map | images, size, fast travel and how to summon a horse

The hot new game of the week is most definitely Elden Ring. And whether you’ve already picked up the game or not, you might have questions about the Elden Ring card.

How big is the Elden Ring map and is the entire world of the game open? How does fast travel work in Elden Ring and how do you summon a horse to speed up your traversal in the game? These are all very valid questions, and we are going to answer them for you now.

Check out our handy guide to the Elden Ring map and you should be enjoying your exploration (while trying to dodge those bosses) in no time.

Is Elden Ring an open world?

Yes, Elden Ring is an open world game. FromSoftware developers have designed a vast open space that you can explore freely – this world is called The Lands Between, and it hosts many boss battles and hidden secrets.

It’s worth pointing out that you start the game in an unopened area, on a set path that will teach you the basics, but the open world Elden Ring is yours to explore after completing this tutorial content.

What is the size of the Elden Ring card?

At this point, as players begin to explore the world and even reviewers have yet to complete Elden Ring, the exact size of the Elden Ring map is yet to be confirmed.

We know that the Elden Ring map has six main areas, and all of them seem to be quite massive. You start in an area called Limgrave, but there are so many other things to explore further afield.

While we can’t say for sure yet, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn later that the Elden Ring map is one of the largest open-world areas the game has ever seen. But when official card size information is revealed, we’ll update this page.

Elden Ring Map Images

The Elden Ring map looks quite massive.

While there are plenty of images of the Elden Ring map doing the rounds online, many of them are incomplete as not many people have completed the game yet at this point.

On the Elden Ring wiki created by Fextralife, however, you can find an interactive Elden Ring map which seems to be the most detailed resource going around right now.

Click on this link in the previous paragraph and you will be taken to the interactive map, which you can filter to help you find certain items or points of interest.

Elden Ring Map Fragments

If you’re wondering why your Elden Ring map appears grayed out and lacking in-game detail, it likely means you haven’t found the map fragment you need yet.

Every region of Elden Ring has at least one map shard you’ll need to find, each of which fleshes out your in-game map with all sorts of useful information.

In the Limgrave region which serves as the first open-world hub in the game, the video below should help you find the east and west map fragments that will help you get around. You basically have to interact with a large obelisk to pick up each shard.

Elden Ring Fast Travel Explained

Fast travel in Elden Ring is very simple, which is certainly very good news for players.

Once you’re in the open world portion of the game, you’ll be able to fast travel between any Site of Grace locations you’ve discovered.

All you have to do to unlock each Grace Site is approach it – there are no puzzles to solve, battles to overcome, mini-games to complete or anything like that. .

Once you’ve unlocked a Grace Site, you can travel to it at any time by simply selecting it on your map from the menu. Simple.

How to Summon a Horse in Elden Ring

If you want to get around the Elden Ring map a little faster, you’ll want to unlock the Spectral Steed horse ASAP.

To unlock the horse in Elden Ring, you need to visit a few grace sites, including Gatefront Ruins. Once you’ve added Grace Sites to your map and headed to the Gatefront Ruins, you should be able to encounter a character named Melina.

Once you meet Melina, she will give you the Spectral Steed Whistle, an item that will allow you to summon your horse at any time. To summon your horse into Elden Ring, find the Spectral Steed Whistle in your inventory (it’s classified as a key item), use it, and your trusty steed should appear.

You can also equip your Spectral Steed Whistle as a quick item in the Equipment menu, allowing you to take it out with less faff in the future. And with that, have fun exploring the expansive Elden Ring map!

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