First Look at Blumhouse’s Conversion Therapy Horror

Blumhouse has released the first images of its new slasher They/Them (“they-slash-them”) starring Kevin Bacon and Theo Germaine, streaming August 5.

Since first announcing it last year, Blumhouse has just released several images of its new project. They they. Previously named Whistler Campthe now titled They they (pronounced ‘They cut them‘) is John Logan’s directorial debut. Although this is his first directing experience, Logan is no stranger to filmmaking as he is best known for writing a plethora of scripts for blockbuster movies like celestial fall, Hugoand Gladiator.

They they takes place in a conversion therapy camp named Whistler. The staff, led by Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon), psychologically tortures LGBTQIA+ teens in an effort to convert them into cisgender and straight people in increasingly disruptive ways. Their week-long session is only made worse by the sudden appearance of a mysterious killer, forcing the teens to band together to protect themselves from both the camp staff and the killer. After its initial announcement in September, rapid work has been done on this project as it is slated for an August 5 release on Peacock.


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The first official images of Blumhouse They they were shared by Peacock. This footage shows the teenagers arriving at Whistler’s camp and Bacon’s Owen Whistler seemingly welcoming them before their torture begins. Opposite Bacon is Work in progress actor Theo Germaine as Jordan, a non-binary camper who makes a deal with his religious parents to legally emancipate himself if camp doesn’t “work out.” Other campers include Quei Tann, Anna Lore, Austin Crute, Monique Kim, Cooper Koch and Darwin del Fabro, with Carrie Preston and Anna Chlumsky serving as camp staff. Check out the images below:

they: them kevin bacon

they:them anna chlumsky

they: horror movie actors

they:them horror movie casting 2

Queer characters have been woven into horror for generations with queer coding, as writers use traits to create a recognizable gay character without confirming it. While this has had positive uses like avoiding censorship, it often creates unfortunate portrayal, like flamboyant villains and obsessively violent lesbian stereotypes. Although some horror directors have moved away from these stereotypes in recent years by creating more blatant and comprehensive LGBTQ+ representation, as in the street of fear trilogy.

Growing up as a gay kid who loved horror, Logan always felt a connection to the monsters who were “altered and with They they, gender can fully examine queer identity without having to hide it. Along with navigating his first directorial gig, Logan also wrote They they, and its previous successful scripts give high hopes for this new movie. It appears that Logan is trying to avoid misrepresentation by focusing on the sense of unity felt within the LGBTQIA+ community and highlighting the horror that stems from the mistreatment of women. They they characters rather than turning those characters themselves into horror.

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