Florence Pugh’s job is for her

In the freezing cold of December, Netflix will be the first director Sebastien Leliothe latest psychological thriller wondermentfeaturing Florence Poug. Adapted from the novel by Bedroom author Emma Donoghue, wonderment is based on the bizarre phenomenon of the “Fasting Girls” in the 1800s. First-look images and newly released posters reveal the dark landscape of a remote 19th-century Irish town where Pugh’s character is tasked with observing a young lady.

Apparently, in the film, 11-year-old Anna O’Donnell (Kila Lord Cassidy) has refused to eat for several months, but remains alert and healthy. Nurse Lib Wright (Pugh) believes she was sent to this isolated community to get to the bottom of the peculiar situation, but as the two grow closer and the days progress, Lib begins to wonder if something is wrong. more sinister is happening. The gripping period piece explores the dangerous line between religious miracle and scientific fact, and teeters on the edge of silent, creeping horror according to Collider’s TIFF review.


The first images show Lelio’s use of light and shadow, as well as the vastness of the Irish moors that surround them. From the images alone, the harshness of the landscape itself becomes a character in the film. In a photo we see Tom BurkWill Byrne’s character, carrying Anna through the hilly terrain, with Lib guiding them through what appears to be an urgent moment in the film. Against a metallic gray sky, the images see cold and grayscale, and give off an isolated and claustrophobic feeling.

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The footage shows a disturbing board of terrible-looking men, with Toby Jones (Captain America: The First Avenger) playing Dr. McBrearty, Dermot Crowley (Luther) as Sir Otway, and Ciaran Hinds (game of throneslisten)) as Father Thaddeus. The helpless fate of young Anna seems to be in the hands of these austere men, and because these austere men have been known to pose a threat to the well-being of young women since the dawn of time, these images are of all the more disturbing. Some of the photos show Pugh interacting with Lelio’s appearance, and the poster emphasizes Pugh’s character and his relationship with his charge Anna.

The film also features Niamh Algar, Elaine Cassidy, David Wilmot, Brian F. O’Byrne, Josie Walker and Caolan Byrne. The scenario of wonderment is written by Lady MacBeth writer Alice Birch, reuniting her with actress Pugh who starred in the film. Lelio, whose stylistic touch marked the years 2017 Disobedience tense and heartbreaking, leads. Donoghue serves as an executive producer alongside Danny Cohen and Len Blavatnik.

After its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, wonderment will be released in select theaters and on Netflix in December. You can see the rest of the images below:

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