For the State Representative, District 135: Jon E. Rosenthal


State Representative, District 135: Jon E. Rosenthal

Jon E. Rosenthal – Democratic Party: ★★★

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It’s one of those races where single-ticket Republicans are expected to scroll the ballot and vote for Democratic candidate – Jon E. Rosenthal.

Rosenthal is a 55-year-old mechanical engineer who worked primarily in the petroleum industry and made his first steps into political office. Like just about everyone else, Rosenthal complains about the increase in property taxes, which he attributes in part to heads of state giving tax breaks to large companies by allowing them to significantly undervalue their properties, while still giving them tax breaks. directing the money that should go to public schools towards the charter schools.

Charter schools were meant to be centers of innovation that would boost academic success, Rosenthal said, but their students do not do better on standardized tests than those in public schools. Rosenthal also said he wanted to explore other ways to raise funds to help fund schools, including legalizing marijuana.

“I am determined to make it legal, to regulate it and to tax it like we do with tobacco,” he said. “I’m an ex-hippie.”

He does not agree with plans to increase sales taxes because he believes it will hurt the poor and the elderly. We found Rosenthal to be friendly, bright, knowledgeable, and very committed to making Texas a better place.

As for the Republican incumbent, let’s be frank: Gary Elkins is one of the worst representatives of this or any other state and should have been removed from his post a long time ago.

We have never understood how Elkins continues to be re-elected, given his minimal accomplishments during his 12 terms and his questionable connections to the payday loan company in which he is empresario. During the 2017 session of the Texas Legislature, he added to the mystery when, ironically, as chairman of the Government’s Transparency and Operations Committee, he kept all proposed government bills open until ‘upon their death at the end of the session. This performance earned him his last of several appearances on Texas Monthly’s Worst Lawmakers List.

So please vote for Rosenthal if you live in Butterfly-Shaped District 135, which is crossed by highways 290 and 6 in the northwest suburbs, including Cypress, Jersey Village, Bear Creek and Copperfield. .

And if you know someone who lives in the neighborhood, feel free to text them, give them a call, show up at their place, take them by the shoulders and shake them, and tell him: DO. NOT. VOTE. FOR. GARY. ELKINS.


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