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#ShowUs Project Winners

NEW YORK, July 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Getty Images, a leading global visual content creator and marketplace, in partnership with Dove, today announced the winners of the #ShowUs grant, Beauty has no ageawarding two photographers $5,000 each to pursue their stories that break stereotypes and conventions celebrating women and aging.

Launched on the third anniversary of the #ShowUs project, these grants aim to honor the full range of diverse experiences – showing that beauty has no age limit – and everything experiences are valid, welcome and valued. Submissions were judged on criteria aimed at breaking stereotypes and conventions – encouraging women, non-binary, female-identifying commercial photographers and videographers to showcase the modern realities of women in their 50s, 60s, 60s and beyond leading a full and active life and celebrating all experiences at all stages of life in a more authentic way.

The judges paid particular attention to photographers and filmmakers who portray authentic stories of women, women and non-binary individuals in their local communities.

“We are thrilled to say that the two recipients are each incredible storytellers in their own right and understand the power of creating visuals that broaden the scope of how women around the world in their 50s and older should be portrayed, women which at this stage of life are also fully realized, multidimensional and incredibly diverse,” said Dr. Rebecca Swift, Global Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images. “This grant demonstrates Getty Images’ continued commitment to supporting emerging artists in creating inclusive visual stories that generate a more diverse and representative visual landscape.”

The winners of the two scholarships are:

— Irene Baqué is a filmmaker and photographer who tells real and emotional human stories about underrepresented communities. Her work explores issues of identity, gender and youth culture, drawing inspiration from the women around her. Her visuals are authentic, intimate and feminine, playing with color and composition. Irene is currently based between London and Madrid.

Irene said upon winning the scholarship: I am so grateful to have won the Getty Images x Dove scholarship. This is my second time applying, and it will allow me to spend time researching and developing a photographic project that feels very personal to me and will allow me to work with creative freedom. As a documentary filmmaker, I think spending time with my subjects, gaining their trust and getting to know them is essential to portray them in the best possible way, and with this scholarship I will be able to do that. . My Sporty Woman photo series is based in Madrid, where I recently moved, so it’s a great opportunity to discover the city!

— Virginia Kluiters is a fashion, beauty and fine art photographer in the greater New York area, working with brands and publications to produce dynamic commercial and editorial work. As a former copywriter, she appreciates the art of storytelling and photographs her subjects with a narrative focus, using creative lighting and color combinations to create ethereal scenes. Virginia is particularly passionate about women’s stories and strives to celebrate a diversity of femininity in her work. Her photographs can be found in publications such as Paper Magazine, Cosmopolitan Slovenia, Grazia USA, Elle Bulgaria, Glamor Bulgaria, L’Officiel Brasil, and others.

Virginia said upon winning the scholarship: “Winning this scholarship gives me the incredible opportunity to invest more in my ongoing project exploring diversity within femininity and femininity. Photoshoots can be very expensive, so I can’t always fully realize my visions creative because of the budget. But thanks to this grant, I will be able to integrate creatives into the team to produce elevated images without financial constraint. As an artist, I am very grateful for that!

Submissions were judged by a prestigious panel of creatives including:

  • Leandro Barreto – Global Vice President, Dove
  • Barbara Shipley – Senior Vice President, Brand Integration, AARP
  • Najate Leklye – Educator and Influencer
  • Meryem Slimani – Photographer

In addition to the financial award, winners will also be invited to license their award-winning content via and at a 100% royalty rate for content created as part of their proposed project. Grantees will also receive mentorship support and guidance.

The grant is part of Getty Images’ ongoing commitment to promote diversity within creative commercial content and to elevate the work and voices of women, female-identifying and non-binary photographers and videographers, as championed by Project #Show us. Created in partnership with Dove, the Project #ShowUs collection is a global library of images created by women, female-identifying and non-binary individuals dedicated to breaking beauty stereotypes around the world.

Getty Images founded the Getty Images Grant Program in 2004, and since then has supported the photojournalism and photography communities, including emerging photographers, with over $2.4 million in financial grants.

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