How to Check Kansas Road Conditions, Maps, and View Highway Images

When a winter storm hits Kansas, you can check road conditions and closures before you go if you have to drive.

From the interactive map maintained by the Kansas Department of Transportation to camera footage posted online and updated every five minutes, you can see how the roads near you are being impacted. Residents can go to or call 511 from any Kansas phone for up-to-date information on highway conditions in areas where they live and drive.

How to see the map of Kansas road conditions, real-time traffic cameras

Residents can access up-to-date information about conditions on various Kansas highways by going to a website that KDOT maintains at,

The site features a color-coded map of major state highways, which highlights areas where roads are closed, fully covered, or partially covered.

The map shares other useful information for drivers, including identifying areas where restrictions are in place.

It also shows dozens of real-time camera images from locations across Kansas on highways that include I-70, I-35, K-39, US-50, US-54, and US-81. .

Snow should be on the ground Wednesday in the area where a camera maintained by the Kansas Department of Transportation took this image Saturday showing the intersection of Interstate 70 and SW Gage Boulevard in Topeka. The camera is one of more than 50 installed along I-70 throughout Kansas.

The website features more than 50 camera images of I-70 alone, from sites as far west as Goodland to as far east as Missouri.

Most cameras take stills, but a few shoot and display video, said KDOT spokesperson Kim Stich.

She said the website also allows the public to create personalized accounts to save favorite routes and areas; sign up to receive email alerts for specific highways; and share individual event reports, road condition information and camera footage via Facebook, Twitter or email.

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What to do if you need help on Kansas roads in bad weather

Other options for residents to inquire about road conditions or get help during weather situations include:

  • Call 511 from any Kansas phone or 1-866-511-KDOT (5368) from anywhere in the United States to receive current road condition information for Kansas highways.

  • Dial *47 from any mobile device to contact Kansas Highway Patrol dispatchers if someone is in distress along a Kansas highway.

  • Dial *582 from any mobile device to contact Kansas Turnpike Authority dispatchers if anyone is in distress along the Kansas Turnpike.

  • Go to the Weather Service’s Topeka office website.

  • Monitoring of Twitter and Facebook sites run by the Kansas Highway Patrol, as well as Twitter accounts run by individual soldiers.

  • Monitoring of Twitter and Facebook sites operated by KDOT, which offers separate Twitter accounts for each region of the state.

If you must travel, here’s what to do

For those who must travel, Kansas Highway Patrol Lt. Candice Breshears said the agency is asking them to do the following:

  • Maintain emergency kits in their vehicles.

  • Make sure their fuel tanks are full and their cell phones are charged.

  • Adjust their speed and following distances to levels appropriate for existing road and weather conditions.

  • Turn on their headlights, as automatic headlights don’t always detect weather conditions.

  • And always wear your seat belt.

This article originally appeared on Topeka Capital-Journal: How to Find Kansas Road Conditions, Map, Closures and Images

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