Images Show Leaked Halo Infinite Iron Eagle Armor

A Halo Infinite fan is gathering all of the leaked images associated with Iron Eagle’s armor core set to be released at an upcoming event.

halo infinity iron eagle armor base function

Infinite Halo is finally out, and the game is already seeing a limited-time event series coming called Fracture: Tenrai. The first wave of Fracture: Tenrai events allowed players to unlock a selection of free samurai-themed cosmetics, including an armor core. The second wave will apparently bring the new Iron Eagle armor core to the game, and a Infinite Halo fan has helpfully collected all of the leaked images associated with the Armor Core so far.


While the Yoroi Armor Core is very clearly samurai themed, the Iron Eagle Armor Core has a rounder and stronger design. Some fans have observed that the new armor resembles the thick, rounded plates of power armor found in the Fall franchise.

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Reddit user Haijakk has compiled all the leaked images of the Iron Eagle Armor Core that have been shared so far into a single post. Apparently the new Fracture: Tenrai event will give players the choice of at least five helmet designs – one default first round, one that looks like a helmet, one that looks like a Stormtrooper’s helmet, one that looks like a Stormtrooper’s helmet, ‘a Roman centurion, and one that looks like the head of a mythical cyclops. It looks like they will either come in different colors or players can customize their colors.

Haijakk also shared three full-body images of the Iron Eagle Armor Core, each of which hammers home the resemblance to the iconic Fall power armor. The main differences seem to be that Iron Eagle’s armor core is significantly less weathered, rusted, or fragmented than the power armor found in the desert. Instead, the leaks show an armor design that combines thick, rounded plates with accessories – including gloves and pouches – that appear to be inspired by modern military gear. However, the Fall the inspiration shines through when it comes to the Iron Eagle Armor Core’s left arm, which appears to be a skeletal metal prosthesis.

As of this writing, it looks like other fans have a lot to say about the Iron Eagle Armor Core and what it stands for. Several users responded to the post theorizing that Microsoft might add more armor cores inspired by other properties to Infinite Halo. Some suggestions included armor cores inspired by Loss, Dishonored, StarCraft, armament of warand Monitoring. These options could add many new armor customization opportunities to Infinite Halo. However, other users have expressed reluctance to see the Halo the franchise begins to incorporate cross-armors.

Infinite Halo is available now for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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