LinkedIn has added a clickable link option for images and videos

LinkedIn surprised everyone by offering another way to generate external traffic. This option is to add a new hyperlink sticker to images and video content. Surprisingly, this option will only be available for In-App updates. The new link sticker feature is rolling out globally in phases, and you might find it on your LinkedIn app soon.

Image source: Geri Silver – Linkedin

There is no need to worry if you are a LinkedIn influencer because even though it is only available for In-App updates, this link sticker will be visible even for desktop users. So if there is good engagement, you can get a good number of clicks. LinkedIn now has 850 million members, and it looks like its team is planning to make the platform more popular by incorporating new features.

In the future, we might find this option of adding a clickable link sticker available even for desktop publishing. The use of this sticker by popular LinkedIn influencers will give us a good idea whether it will be a bonus for LinkedIn users or just an addition to attract more users.

The new hyperlink sticker is somewhat similar to the sticker provided for adding links to Facebook and Instagram stories. The advantage of using this new sticker link is that you can add it anywhere in the frame and in varying sizes. It will be interesting to see if this sticker would come in handy for driving traffic to external sources.

LinkedIn offers the option of this link sticker via a chain link icon in the post creation tool. Even though LinkedIn doesn’t offer any color options, we expect more customization options in the future. Appropriate use of this feature will help you be more creative and generate more external traffic.

Influencer Marketing Analyst named Lindsay Gamble shared this news on Twitter. He even shared some images of how the new link sticker looks. You can browse the images shared by Lindsay, which are as follows:

This new link sticker option can make LinkedIn Business users more active. LinkedIn can become a more useful platform for those who can make the best use of new features like the link sticker. The future of LinkedIn will also depend on its new features.

The number of influencers and engagement is increasing on LinkedIn. It will be interesting to wait and see which new feature gains the most popularity. Spam can be a huge problem, as many may overuse this new LinkedIn feature.

Some people might hate the new link sticker on LinkedIn. In the next few days, we’ll learn the pros and cons of the new link sticker from active LinkedIn users. Many LinkedIn users will do their best to use the sticker in very creative and unique ways.

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