Moonhaven Images Teases a Society Living in a Literal Moonage Dream

New images have been released for the upcoming AMC+ thriller Lunar Haven, offering some additional looks at the titular lunar colony and its inhabitants, as well as some interior shots of the ships used to guide them there. Created and led by Pierre Ocko, the series is set 100 years in the future and focuses on the paradise created beyond our planet and the various mysteries within it. It’s humanity’s last hope, tearing itself apart as the people of Moonhaven desperately try to find the key to saving the rest of civilization.

The first image released is a visually appealing look at a walkway built from vines and withered stakes, which looks more like something out of a fantasy spectacle than a sci-fi series, especially with a person dressed in a purple dress and white hair running through it. . It could presumably be an entrance to Moonhaven, or just an access point to some of its natural resources. In later footage, we see a list of residents living in the utopia, headlined by two of the show’s stars Emma McDonald (Queens of Mystery) and Dominique Monaghan (Lost). With a conspiracy underway in paradise, the pair will have to band together to crush anything that threatens humanity’s saving grace. Although the images do not reveal the ships used to reach Moonhaven in their entirety, they do provide an inside view of one of the Icon ships where the Mohawks sport Joe Manganiello (true blood) rest.


Lunar Haven features McDonald’s, Manganiello and Monaghan alongside Amara Karan (Doctor Who)Ayelet Zurer (Lose Alice), Kadeem Hardison (Black Monday), and Yazzmin Newell (The last tree). In choosing McDonald’s to lead the series, AMC is going with a relative newcomer whose most significant roles at this point are in Dorian Gray’s photo and Queens of Mystery.

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Ocko, whose other credits include Lodge 49, black sailsand Elementaryalso serves as executive producer for Lunar Haven with Deb Spera, although Spera did not provide any writing for the series. AMC Studios is producing the thriller.

Here is the official synopsis for the series:

Lunar Haven centers on Bella Sway (McDonald), a lunar cargo pilot and smuggler 100 years in the future who finds herself framed for a crime and abandoned on Moonhaven, a utopian community set on a 500 square mile Garden of Eden built on the Moon to find solutions to the problems that will soon end civilization on Mother Earth. A skeptic in paradise, Bella is drawn into a plot to take control of the artificial intelligence responsible for Moonhaven’s miracles and teams up with a local detective to stop the forces out to destroy Earth’s last hope before they do. are themselves destroyed.

Lunar HavenThe first two episodes premiere on AMC+ on July 7 with new episodes dropping weekly on Thursdays. Check out the rest of the images below:

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