Netflix Shares Footage From Ryan Reynolds’ Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie The Adam Project

Netflix has shared the first look at Ryan Reynolds’ new movie, giving fans an idea of ​​Shawn Levy’s new time travel flick.

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The first official look at The Adam Project, which is slated to premiere on Netflix on March 11, was recently shared by the official Netflix account on Twitter. On top of that, there was a brief synopsis and a quote from Ryan Reynolds about how personal the movie is to him. As audiences wait for the impending trailer, Netflix released a series of photos that revealed what Shawn Levy’s movie looks like.

The Adam Project is a sci-fi film about a pilot who travels back in time to team up with his younger self and father to save the world. Ryan Reynolds plays the main character, Adam, while newbie Walker Scobell plays a younger version of Adam. They are joined in the cast by Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner, among others. Ryan Reynold has commented that this is the film that most reflects his personal life.


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Ryan Reynolds said in an interview with Vanity Fair that he has this thought about life, saying “we tell stories that are not necessarily true”, and he did the same when he tried to justify his complicated relationship with his father before his death. Shawn Levy, director of The Adam Project, added “There’s the idea of ​​confronting your younger self, who might just be seeing things more authentically than what you’ve come to tell for yourself.” He also added that not only was Walker Scobell able to go along with Ryan Reynolds, but Walker came into the film as a huge fan of the star.

Ryan Reynolds’ photos and comments should build anticipation. Especially since he should take a short break before returning to Dead Pool 3. A trailer for The Adam Project should be imminent. Ryan Reynolds has done a lot of action comedies over the past two years, it’s very exciting to see him tackle a movie that has a bit of a dramatic side to it. With the interviews he’s given, it seems to be very personal and cathartic for him, so expectations for his performance should be very high.

The supporting cast also looks promising, and they’ve already established a working relationship with the director. They recently worked on free guy together, and it was well received by critics and audiences. The recipe for a great movie treat is here.

The Adam Project is set to premiere on Netflix on March 11.

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Source: NetflixFilm|Twitter

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