Photoshop for iPad makes it easy to remove objects and backgrounds from images

Adobe’s Photoshop on the iPad just got some very useful features carried over from the desktop version, including content-aware fill and background removal. Additionally, Select Subject has received a human-centric update. These make it easy to remove objects from images or put new backgrounds behind subjects.

Additionally, Adobe on Tuesday gave its Fresco paint app for iPad Liquify and Magic Wand features.

Photoshop for iPad adds magic with a click

Photoshop on the iPad was pretty basic when it launched in 2019, but Adobe has been adding new features ever since. On Tuesday, the 3.6 tablet version of the app got one of the desktop version’s standout features: Content-Aware Fill. It is used to extract distracting objects from images – other applications call it an eraser tool.

Adobe says in a blog post that the new feature is “an easy one-click step that takes any selection and uses AI to populate its content based on its environment.”

And Photoshop for iPad 3.6 also makes it a breeze to erase the background of any photo, leaving the subject intact. “Just open your image and select ‘Remove Background’ under the lasso tool,” Adobe notes.

The iPad app also improves Select Subject. “With our 2022 update to Select Subject, our AI model can now identify photos of people, and perfectly select and refine small details like hair strands and edges of clothing,” explains the developer. “Otherwise it would take hours of precise selections to perfect them.”

Photoshop 3.6 on iPad is available through the App Store. It is free to download but requires a monthly subscription of $9.99 or an annual subscription of $79.99.

Adobe Fresco adds Liquify and Magic Wand

Adobe added the classic Magic Wand tool to Fresco 3.6
Picture: Adobe

Fresco is Adobe’s software for painting and drawing on the iPad. It was also launched in 2019 and has since received numerous upgrades with 100 features added to the product since its debut.

Fresco 3.6, released on Tuesday, adds a Magic Wand tool. This “allows you to quickly select an area of ​​your artwork, then dynamically refine your selection to just the part of your work you’re focusing on,” according to an Adobe blog post. If that sounds somewhat familiar, some other apps call it a color picker.

Additionally, the Liquify tool has been added to the iPad app. Adobe says this allows the user to “push, pull, twirl, pucker, or puff” an area of ​​the image.

Adobe Fresco 3.6 is available now on the App Store. A one-year subscription costs $9.99.

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