Queer as Folk Remake Reveals Release Date and Character Images

It’s time to get gay again as the highly anticipated series Queer as Folk returns to television. Adapted from the original UK series (which later had a popular US version), the new show hails from Peacock and is set to premiere in early June. The story follows a group of diverse LGBTQIA+ friends who live in vibrant New Orleans. In order to start building the hype, the streamer has released some first look images and a teaser which loudly indicates that the gates of Babylon are once again open.

The images present the main element than the previous one Queer as Folk the versions were missing: diversity. As groundbreaking as both 1999 series were, they still had a long way to go when it came to representation in the main cast. In an official statement, the creator of the original series Russell T. Davies (Doctor Who) commented on how our perception has changed over the years and the task at hand with the new Queer as Folkincluding black, transgender and non-binary characters from the main cast:

“I’m very proud of what we achieved in 1999, but in the queer years, that was a millennium ago! As a community, we radicalized, explored, opened up and found new worlds – with new enemies and new allies – and there was so much to tell. Etienne [Dunn] presented a whole new version of “Queer as Folk” with so much imagination, insight and, above all, joy, that I just couldn’t resist. I thought it was time for the title to belong to a whole new generation. The 2022 show is wilder, wilder, freer, angrier – everything a queer show should be.

queer as folk social club
Image via Peacock

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Davies refers to Stephen Dunn who creates, produces, writes and directs the 2022 release. Dunn also spoke about the opportunity to bring this new Queer as Folk to life, what he hopes to accomplish, and how the original series impacted kids and teens in the 90s:

“Like most queer kids of the 90s, I had a unique relationship with the original ‘Queer as Folk’. Growing up, I was desperate for any kind of connection with people like me. I truly felt seen. The show offered a new paradigm – one where we could embrace and celebrate queer love, families and communities on a global stage. It was truly iconic. I am honored that Russell T. Davies, the creator of the original series, entrusted me with the task of carrying on this legacy.

I wanted to create a revolutionary new version of this show for this moment. Our new ‘Queer as Folk’ is set in New Orleans – one of the most unique queer communities in North America – and I’m extremely proud that the new series is made up of an electric cast of fresh characters who reflect the modern global audience. If there is someone who is able to see ‘Queer as Folk’ and feel less alone, or who now feels more supported and seen, our job is done. In the true spirit of the original, our show doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of our community, but above all, the series is about people living vibrant, vital, and staunchly queer lives.

Queer as Folk stars Devin Road (Grey’s Anatomy), End Argus (the gifted), Jesse James Keitel (big sky), CG (Criminal acts), Johnny Sibily (hacks), and Ryan O’Connell (Special). Confirmed guest stars include Kim Cattrall (sex and the city), Juliet Lewis (yellow jackets), Ed Begley Jr. (Young Sheldon), Nyle DiMarco (This fence), Fields of Armand (Work in progress), and Lucas Gage (The White Lotus).

peacock raw Queer as Folk June 9.

You can watch the teaser for the announcement below:

Discover the first images of Queer as Folk:

queer like folk11
Image via Peacock

weird as folk 10
Image via Peacock

weird as folk 9
Image via Peacock

weird as folk8
Image via Peacock

weird as folk 7
Image via Peacock

weird as folk 6
Image via Peacock

weird as folk 5
Image via Peacock

weird as folk 4
Image via Peacock

weird as folk 3
Image via Peacock

queer like folk 2
Image via Peacock

weird as folk
Image via Peacock


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