Review: LG ProBeam projects crisp, clear images in any environment

Performance meets convenience in the LG ProBeam

Besides its great picture quality, perhaps the best feature of the LG ProBeam is the array of additional features that make it by far the brightest object in a conference room.

Beginning with a 12-point trapezoidal image adjustment, the ProBeam allows AV engineers to tailor each display to room and agency requirements. In addition, trapezoidal operations are easy and intuitive to perform on both the physical unit and the remote control.

Detailed keystone adjustment, combined with the device’s extreme brightness capability, allows agency users to project a minimum screen size of 40 inches and a maximum screen size of 300 inches (approximately 25 feet).

With a 1.6X zoom capability, engineers can easily show presenters how to immediately project a 60% larger image without moving or readjusting the projector. This means users can take a 100-inch projection and upgrade it to a 160-inch screen in seconds, if needed.

The ease of use of wireless connectivity for screen mirroring, which allows engineers to work quickly during a live event, adds to the ease of use. Wireless connection is possible with any Android device; USB or HDMI ports are available for wired connections.

Laser projection technology also helps users manage long-term costs by minimizing bulb failures that interrupt operations and require costly replacements.

The LG ProBeam can deliver 20,000 hours of lamp life, with much less obvious dimming over projector life compared to bulb models. It also makes projections bright enough for well-lit rooms or meeting areas without closing curtains or turning off lights.

Built-in Bluetooth audio capability solves a long-standing problem that AV engineers often struggle with: a receiver that delivers good sound quality. Because the ProBeam not only provides good native sound, but can also send a signal to an in-room speaker system, it is ideal for use in dedicated conference rooms and small gathering spaces.

Having a projector that works in nearly any lighting condition and requires no special training – even to access advanced features – is one of the main reasons the LG ProBeam is ideal for government. Government employees can focus on their presentations and not worry about the equipment they use to share their information.



Resolution: 3840×2160 4K Ultra HD
pixels: 8.3 million
Lumens: 5000
Native aspect ratio: 16:9
Dimensions: 14.6×12.8×6.1 inch
Weight: 21.4 pounds

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