Rob Zombie shares footage from 1313 Mockingbird Lane Munsters movie

We can’t wait to see the Munsters!

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Rob zombie brings life to the world of The Munsters and in a new Instagram post, Zombie gives us a preview of his 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Giving us a glimpse of the Budapest setting, Zombie posted several photos of the famous house they are apparently building from scratch to give the film the authentic feel that existed in the series. And from what we can see in his photos, bringing the Munsters to life looks like a pretty incredible feat!

What’s fascinating about the images Zombie posted is that these are seemingly practical sets. The show was filmed on the backlot of Universal Studios in California where the fronts of the houses still remain for fans to see as they walk through. Normally the exterior can be created with a soundstage or other location serving as an interior, but it looks like Zombie is building the entire Mockingbird Lane to give an authentic glimpse into the suburban world of the Munsters.


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Writing “It’s a beautiful day in Budapest and good ol ‘Mockingbird Lane is moving forward perfectly. Who wouldn’t want to live here? ☠️🦇 # robzombie #themunsters # 1313mockingbirdlane #budapesthungary”, Zombie is clearly excited about this project and has continued to give fans updates as the house has progressed.

Sure, we all want to see the Munsters in all their costumes, but there’s just something about the dark house in the sunny suburb that means a lot to fans. Having a fan like Zombie behind the film means we know he’s going to take care of bringing the family to life. And with the house being this perfect? We can’t wait to see what Zombie has in store for all of us. Check out the Zombie update from The Munsters street below.

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