Sonos Sub mini subwoofer images leaked: Here’s what the speaker might look like

Renders of an upcoming Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer have been spotted online. The main question on customers’ minds is whether the leaked images could be the long-sought solution for a more affordable audio system.

Sonos could potentially release a Sub Mini Subwoofer

Sonos customers have long been waiting for a cheaper subwoofer available since the first appeared last year. With that, recent images of the Sonos Sub Mini design have started to appear online.

A website called has posted some images that show what the future audio device might look like. It’s important to note that the images have yet to be officially confirmed by Sonos themselves.

Leaked photos show a design that closely resembles the original render

According to The Verge’s story, the design of the Sub Mini was originally revealed a few months ago. The leaked photos show a design that looks a lot like the post’s original render.

It was noted that the leaked images closely resemble Sonos’ largest port, which is said to be a $749 sub. It has been noted that its overall height brings the device closer to the Sonos One speaker.

The sub-mini speakers are available in two color options; Black and white

The image, however, reveals images only, and there are no accompanying features, specs, or release dates. As WinFuture pointed out, marketing photos suggest that after some delay, users could see the devices shipping between October and December.

The leak shows the Sonos Sub mini in two color options, black and white. Alongside the Sonos is the One speaker as well as the Ray and Beam soundbars. This might suggest that multiple bundles might be in the works.

Sub Mini details still lacking

Despite the lack of detail, the photos could be proof that Sonos will indeed release a more affordable version of the larger subwoofer they released. It’s also generally a standard that a more affordable version would be smaller than a regular version.

When opening the WinFuture website, the text remains in German but can be translated via the Chrome browser. The website, however, includes text describing what the smaller subwoofer might look like.

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Sonos Sub Mini launch moved from Q4 2022 to Q1 2023

The website notes that they have the official marketing photos and that the smaller Sonos subwoofer will go on sale in the first quarter of 2023. The initial launch of the Sonos Sub Mini was supposed to be in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The interesting thing about the Sub Mini is that the article notes that it doesn’t have much of a difference from the Sonos One in terms of height. It was noted that the images “confirm the concept design shown a few months ago” which was shared by The Verge.

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