Teaching Assistant Work, Gender Image Psychology Lab with NEW YORK UNIVERSITY ABU DHABI

The description

New York University Abu Dhabi Science Division Seeks Nomination of NYU Doctoral Candidate to Help Teach “Gender Image Psychology” in the spring of 2022.

Description of the course:

This course will examine visual representations of women, men and non-binary individuals, femininity and masculinity, sexual minorities, and gender norms and relationships from a psychological perspective. We’ll take a close look at the nature of social perception, examine several systems for encoding and interpreting visual images and language in media, and examine how gender images have a psychological impact on those who see them.

We will explore questions such as: How is gender represented visually? What methods do psychologists use to assess this? And what are the psychological consequences of exposure to certain types of gender images?

Students of the course will develop their media literacy and broaden their knowledge of how gender is portrayed in media in a way that reflects and reinforces cultural stereotypes. They will gain an in-depth understanding of the tools psychologists use to scientifically study media content and its effects on viewers. Students will apply what they learned in the course by carrying out their own research project. This will involve the development of a research question on certain aspects of gender representation in the media; design a scientific study to answer this question; create a codebook to quantify gender representations; analyze the resulting data; and interpret the results. Students will present their project to the class and report their results in a final document.

Teaching assistant missions:

  • Attend all classes and help with things in class, for example, recording attendance, distributing and collecting handouts and materials for student activities.
  • Help with printing materials for classroom use
  • Sometimes meet students if they contact me directly or if they have scheduling conflicts that prevent them from meeting me
  • Attend 1 45-minute meeting with each student (with me) to finalize student topics for the research dissertation
  • Meet with me once / week for about 30 minutes
  • Make the initial scoring for the following assignments:
    • two (2) 6 page articles (I estimate this will take approximately 45 minutes per student per article)
    • paper research assignment (I estimate it will take around 15 minutes per student)
    • preliminary research proposal (I estimate it will take 20 minutes per student)
    • formal research proposal (I estimate it will take 30-35 minutes per student)
    • final research paper (I estimate it will take at least 1 hour per student)
  • Communicate grades to students
  • Maintain student records (e.g. class attendance, submission of images throughout semester, paper research, submission of peer reviews, paper notes, forum participation if necessary)
  • Calculate the intermediate and final marks and submit them to Albert


Successful applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Application Instructions

To be considered, all applicants must submit a curriculum vitae.

If you have any questions, please email Andrea Vial ([email protected]).

Application process

This institution uses the Interfolio faculty search to perform this research. Applicants for this position receive a Free Dossier account and can submit all application materials, including confidential letters of recommendation, free of charge.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

For people in the EU, click here for information about your privacy rights under the GDPR: www.nyu.edu/it/gdpr

NYU is an equal opportunity employer committed to equity, diversity and social inclusion.

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