The first images of the new film by Chris Evans and Ana de Armas


The Knives Out couple returns with a romantic tape. Check out the leaked photos from the set of the upcoming Apple TV+ production!

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans, together again.
© GettyAna de Armas and Chris Evans, together again.

The pair of Chris Evans and Anne of Arms It is a guaranteed success. It’s that when they were shown together on the screen on the occasion of Knives out, viewers went crazy and wanted to see a lot more of two of the most recognized celebrities of recent times. And the formula will repeat itself: will star in a new romantic film whichYou already have your pending subscribers. Here we show you the first pictures!

The film will be called Phantom and it is an original production of AppleTV+. At the moment many details are unknown, but the little that has happened is already more than promising. And it is that in the first place the main role would be occupied by Scarlett JohanssonChris Evans’ great friend who showed off her chemistry with the actor when she brought Black Widow to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Problems with her schedule have made Ana de Armas a great second option, who is only a few days away from the first of deep waters and who later will launch Blond. But… what do we know about Phantom? Your manager will be Dexter Fletcherfrom Rocketmanwhile Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick They work as screenwriters. In this sense, it is assumed that in addition to romance, the film is full of action and humor.

Furthermore, the participation of Adrian Brody as part of the casting. As for the plot, at the moment we don’t know enough, although its first images could reveal a story with far fewer adventure scenes than we imagined. It’s that E! News just shared leaked footage from the set, which is currently at AtlantaGeorgia, and it shows an incredible relationship between the two actors.

And while this shoot has only just begun, it’s not the couple’s first meeting since Knives out. They star themselves in the upcoming action thriller from netflixwhich will be titled The gray manwhere he will also participate Ryan Gosling. All have already completed filming under the direction of Anthony and Joe Russo, the filmmakers behind much of Marvel Studios’ movies. It is undoubtedly a duo that everyone wants for their films.

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