The most memorable cinematic images

They are remembered, admired, discussed. Everyone knows famous actresses who embody such images. But we dedicate this article to the great work of talented makeup artists, hairstylists and designers.. Thanks to them, women continue to copy bright characters at costume parties and photo shoots. Find out how the creative film crews were inspired and worked.

Leeloo (The Fifth Element)

The image of the alien Leeloo went down in the history of world cinema. It has been thought out down to the smallest detail. The main task of the stylists was to emphasize the supernatural origin of the heroine. Hairstyle, makeup and clothes showed that Mila Jovovich’s character is not an ordinary person. The actress agreed to dye her hair orange and bleach the roots every few days because her glossy shade quickly faded. It was only at the end of filming that the hairdressers made a wig, because Mila’s hair was damaged.

The heroine’s makeup did not have bright lines. To give depth and clarity to the look, the stylists used soft eyeliner and neutral shadows. Few people know that Leeloo’s famous wardrobe (as well as that of the whole film) original designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

Nina (black swan)

The sophisticated make-up reflected mystical side of the protagonist of Natalie Portman. Stylists created an amazing image for the transformation of a modest ballerina into a demonic creature at the end of the film. They used professional MAC cosmetics: matte white tint, dark scarlet lipstick and ultra black pigments for the wrinkles around the eyes. And the red lenses finally reduced the resemblance to a human being.

The magnificent accessories and dance costumes created by the designers of the American brand Rodarte: Kate and Lara Mulleavy.

Queen (Snow White: Revenge of the Dwarfs)

The negative image of the queen was created completely opposite to Snow White. The princess appeared in sheer, light tones, while the wicked stepmother wore gold, scarlet and emerald. Every detail reflected the essence of his personality: cunning and the desire to be in the spotlight. We saw her bright makeup throughout the film. And the heroine’s dresses amazed the audience.

costume designer, Eiko Ishioka was inspired by different cultures to draw the sketches. For some grand dresses, he copied details from Queen Elizabeth I’s attire. And the Queen’s wedding dress required heroic effort from Roberts. She weighed 27 kilos!

Maleficent (Maleficent: Mistress of Evil)

In the movie about Maleficent a huge team of 44 artists turned Angelina Jolie into a witch. Silicone pieces were made to alter the shape of the actress’ cheekbones and nose. With her help, her face took on particularly sharp features.

The film’s lead stylist, Paul Gooch found the perfect color combinations to create the sinister character. Your cold alabaster, black nuances and graphite in the eyes. They had been looking for a lipstick color for a long time. In the end, they chose MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red. They did the actress’ makeup every morning for over 4 hours!

The famous Maleficent costume with huge leather wings and exclusive dresses created by hand by the Ralph & Russo brand and designer Ellen Mirozhnik. It took over 700 hours to make each one.

Cruel (Cruel)

The actress Emma Stone showed on screen the evolution of a talented designer into an evil genius. Hairstylist Nadia Stacy tried to accentuate the heroine’s eccentricity and courage through her style. She was unforgettable: red and purple lipstick, smoky eyeshadow, large wrinkles around her eyes, pale face. If you want to repeat such makeup, you can find the necessary cosmetics in the MAKEUP store.

The stylist used a black and white wig. But just so it doesn’t look weird, he actually dyed Emma’s head black and white! Artists Kirsten Fletcher and Jenny Bevan created unique and fashion-forward outfits that represented the punk chic style. They symbolized the rebellion of the rare individual and the transgression of norms.

As you can see, some images cost actresses a lot of effort. But this does not stop the creatives – they repeat their makeup and hairstyles. If you want to feel like the star of the party, choose the style of one of these heroines!

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