Top 9 reactions to new House Of The Dragon images, according to Reddit

With its premiere on August 21 and a new official trailer now available, some game of thrones fans are keeping an open mind about the prequel series, House of the Dragon. Before the trailer falls, Weekly entertainment also shared a series of new images to give another look at the series, and users on Reddit took no notice.

game of thrones loyalists have a lot of passionate things to say about Dragon House, and it ranges from simmering anticipation to grumpy desperation that still holds since Season 8. important in global reactions.


9 Forget the Dragon Egg: Can Matt Smith do Targaryen?

Matt Smith as Daemon Targeryen in House of the Dragon holding an egg

Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) cradles a priceless dragon egg in what appears to be an underground cavern. Redditors immediately began discussing the merits of actor Matt Smith and his suitability for the role. “…I just can’t imagine Matt Smith in that kind of role,” says Reddit user lookalive07, to which user Em_Haze fires back, “Matt’s gonna crush this. Amazing lineup.”

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Redditors worry that Smith looks and acts too modern for the pseudo-historical role he’s been given, but his stellar track record as an actor should negate any negative concerns. He will grow into his role, like everyone else on game of thrones did.

8 Matt Smith’s Argument

Game of Thrones House of the Dragon Targaryen Matt Smith

A number of Redditors continued to oppose actor Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The crown), saying he was no good for the role of Daemon Targaryen. But Smith is a veteran comedian, and Dragon House fans have likely seen him in TV shows and movies.

“I’m skeptical,” says user kdkseven, “I’ve only seen it in Doctor Who and that Terminator movie, and I’m not a fan.” Representing the more popular opposing viewpoint, Reddit user EtherLuke enthuses, “…I had no idea Matt Smith was being cast for this, I’m much more interested now, he’s an actor. fantastic.” Opinions on Smith’s casting have divided fans, but there’s no denying he has an impressive track record for pulling off a character like Daemon.

seven Prince Daemon Targaryen’s Shitty Armor

On the jousting ground, Prince Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) sports his black dragon armor, a tribute to his own dragon, the mighty Caraxes. Redditors immediately have issues with the cheap look of Daemon’s armor. “That dragon armor in pic two is brutal,” says user WizforWentz, and fellow Craigfu5 agrees, adding, “It looks like matte plastic…not plate mail.”

Redditors are focusing on this issue of black armor in publicity photos, even though the general consensus is that the costumes are colorful and cool. There’s no doubt that Daemon’s armor looks poor in photos.

6 The Armor Argument

Daemon Targaryen wielding Dark Sister in House of the Dragon

Still, Redditors continued to debate the look of Daemon’s armor. User Roadwarriordude comments, “To be fair…it’s almost impossible to make matte black without looking plastic.”

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While the look of the material causes some twists, no one had much trouble with the styling of the armor which bodes well with its dragon motif. Redditor TheIsotope offers an insightful comment: “People need to stop judging the stills in an entertainment magazine… It’s a completely different medium.”

5 Ser Criston Cole and Daemon Targaryen Duel with helmets!

Criston Cole in HOTD

Ser Criston Cole’s (Fabien Frankel) plan of duel House Cole and Daemon Targaryen suggests enmity between the two, particularly because Ser Cristan has an evolving relationship with Princess Rhaenyra. Of course, the Coles will be the new families of Dragon House, not featured in game of thrones.

As for the practicality of battle, user Talismanic_Mechanic seems relieved: “Finally, the characters are wearing helmets while swinging deadly weapons at each other. My God, GoT was so dumb with that.” Indeed, it seems a more logical approach to wear helmets in combat, but there was some revulsion to wearing helmets in game of thrones. Already, Dragon House seems to right the wrongs of the original series, especially in terms of logical points of view.

4 Young Alicent Hightower and Rhaenyra Targaryen are… happy?

Young Rhaenyra and Alicent

Young Alicent and Rhaenyra are played by Emily Carey and Milly Alcock respectively, and they will carry the story until their characters age and the roles are taken by older actresses Olivia Cooke and Emma D’Arcy. Looks like Dragon House begins with the two girls as childhood friends, a relationship that does not exist in the books.

While the images also show them happy, a rarity to find in-universe, young female characters like these can help illuminate unpopular opinions regarding the Targaryen family in game of thrones. “The costumes are absolutely fantastic! raves Redditor Cristiancasty. These young and innocent girls surely recall game of thrones fans of young Stark children at the start of their series and presage a similar journey through hell into adulthood, if they even survive.

3 The Great Council of Harrenhall is star-studded

House of the Dragon Paddy Considine King Viserys I Targaryen

King Jaehaerys I Targaryen (Michael Carter) is known as “The Wise” and the “Conciliator” and is considered one of the best Targaryen characters in Dragon House; he is seated in the center of the group. He will soon be replaced by Viserys I Targaryen (Paddy Considine), on the far left of the photo, next to his wife Aemma Arryn.

Fans weren’t sure if, according to Dragon House, they were going to see the old king. “Ngl seeing Jaehaerys was a nice surprise!” Another popular reaction was the take on the colorful costumes, as many Redditors had grown tired of them. game of thronesincreasing use of black and gray.

2 Aegon’s Iron Throne outclasses young Rhaenyra

Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon

While Redditors ignore Rhaenyra and her father in the background, the Iron Throne itself is getting all the attention, with users knowing the lore explaining the reasons behind her different appearance to quiz other Redditors.

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Reddit user nadajoe raves, “I love the melted swords on the stairs to the Iron Throne…reminiscent of the pictured version…which I always thought was bad a**.” The swords are a big hit, though many fans will need to be educated on the differences between Aegon’s version and the one seen in later time. game of thrones. Either way, it looks like the Targaryen Edition is a winner.

1 This Game of Thrones ending is haunting Redditors

Targaryen from HOTD and Daenerys from GOT

In almost every Reddit feed regarding Dragon House Where game of thronesthe controversial final seasons of Obtained slipping into many conversations and topics, illuminating commentators’ hopes for the future.

“Can’t wait,” says Redditor BahalaNapare, “Yes GoT had a terrible ending but I loved the journey… so count me in on this one.” Although there are naysayers in the discussions who have written off anything post-Obtained because of their disappointments, they are in the minority. With these stills and this new trailer, game of thrones fans may have found renewed interest in the universe and are likely to forgive the atrocities of the disappointing final season.

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