Transformers Legacy combining concept images of Energon weapons

Hasbro’s Mark Maher @markclonus has some nutrients for power-hungry fans with a look at the concepts behind Transformers Legacy combining Energon weapons. The gadget featured in Legacy was pretty hard to figure out for a variety of reasons, but Mark literally explains it all, explains their ideas, and even arms the Voyager Bulkhead for some IRL demos. Read on to see her notes followed by images for more than just combinations.

Energon consumption time!!! I really hope everyone enjoys our Legacy toyline’s portal ride. Here’s a little insight into how some of these energy weapons came to be.

The first image is just a showcase of the first 2 waves of Legacy Weapons you will collect if you pick up the Base Class, Deluxe Class, Traveler Class, and even the Leader Class!

Then you’ll actually see the concept art that Emiliano Santalucia came up with before we even got the character rollout planned for the year. I think this will provide a great overview for all as a lot of the weapon suit planning obviously involved using our 5mm peg at all scales, but that was all sold out before the character selects were done. be determined.

While working with Takara on some of the characters, I ended up redesigning a lot of the weapons to maintain their design aesthetic of their own signature weapons. I wanted to focus heavily on the character and let these tips provide an opportunity for style and color of energy weaponry.

Be sure to share your rad energon weapon combos, I wish I had more time to talk about some of the new energon featured in certain character arsenals. Especially that smoky death soul energon featured in Jhiaxus’ portable blaster ☠️!

More soon, stay tuned, if we reach more subscribers, I might be able to start giving freebies!!!!

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