Transformers MasterPiece MP-48+ Dark Amber Leo Prime Official Images & Details

As promised, the full reveal of Takara Tomy’s latest MasterPiece release is the Transformers MP-48+ Dark Amber Leo Prime! The redeco of the MP-48 Lio Convoy comes to us as a “new warrior”. The figure is announced to ship on January 28, 2032 at a price of ¥22,000 JPY / $162 USD including tax. Read on to see translated product information and images.

Transformers Masterpiece MP-48 + Dark Amber Leo Prime

A new warrior “Dark Amber Leo Prime” with MP-48 Lio Convoy is now available as a masterpiece.

Residual Angolmois energy derived from Unicron is focused and compressed in the earth’s crust to become jet black energy, and the legendary green lion: Leo Prime’s sparkless body is fused with the fateful prime, “Dark Amber Leo Prime “. Transforms from a jet black lion into a robot.

The highly anticipated MP-48 Lio Convoy has been recolored and given new character decor, making it even more appealing. Although it is a popular classic villain color, its heroic modeling is ideal as a collector’s item.

Define content

Dark Amber Leo Prime Body (1), Missile (4), Beam Launch Tube (2), Weapon Folder (1), Character Card (1), Instruction Manual (1)

Price: ¥22,000 / US$163 tax included

Product size: 7 x 20 x 13cm;

Product weight: 300g

Release date: 2023/1/28

Date available on 2022/7/6

Manufacturer : TAKARA TOMY


Product model number: F7675

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