Video: Create superb bicycle images with Jb Liautard and Andreu Lacondeguy in “Behind the Lens”

We love bikes, we love videos, and we love photos. Comparing our successful media team to our best running team is not foolishness, it is in fact straightforward.

In many sports, the rule is that there must be two to make a good match, and the same goes for creating great cycling images. A photo shoot with Andreu Lacondeguy on the handlebars and JB Liautard behind the camera is not far from an All-Star game!

Since I started riding a bike, I’ve watched Andreu’s videos, clips from New World Disorder and We are Family. In my opinion, he is definitely one of the most talented and stylish riders I know. What really sets Andreu apart is the breadth, commitment and diversity of his tricks and style.

For a photographer, he is the ideal athlete because you can be sure that the style will be impeccable and / or that the extension and pronunciation of a shape will be pushed to the maximum.

Jb Liautard
quotation marks Despite all of this, this particular shoot was far from easy. The biggest stress for me was showing the size of the jumps as well as possible. The terrain is very special, the jumps are huge but the terrain is quite steep and most of the jumps are in a bottleneck.

Suddenly, it is difficult to take a step back or to bring out the subject in the background, which is why we have changed the jumper kit for some photos.

Jb Liautard
quotation marks What is unusual about this kind of project is the pace of work. A typical day begins by getting up at 5.30am, shooting until 8am, resting until 6.30pm when Andreu waters the line, then pulling again until nightfall.

On one of the 4 days of this shoot and after waiting all day, a thunderstorm arrived at the worst possible time just as Andreu had started to climb, forcing us to cover all the jumps and take refuge in the house without having made a single image!

Jb Liautard

Rider: Andreu Lacondeguy
Photography: Jb Liautard
Realized by: Leon Perrin
Video: Leon Perrin & Pierre Dupont
Music and sound editing: Leo Lunel

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