Visionary photographer Kapil Ralli on turning his images into works of art

Visionary photographer Kapil Ralli has a unique eye when it comes to capturing images of his subjects. Over the past 10 years, he has successfully established himself as a serious photographer who has the unique ability to transform an ordinary photograph into a classic work of art. The multi-award-winning photographer has been published in over 40 magazines, including Vanity, Moevir & Flannele, Lucy, Elegant, Ellements, Opium, Pump and Selin, among others. He specializes in unique themes such as murder mysteries, sports, the world of dreams, Hollywood farmland, and those depicting mythical characters.

Born and raised in India, Kapil Ralli moved to the United States in 2008. He worked and lived in New York for 11 years before moving to Dallas in 2020. His love for photography began in New York, where he took a course. The more he learned, the more passionate he became about his new skill. He is certified by the NY Institute of Photography and eventually found himself upgrading his gear to professional gear.

Throughout his exciting career as a photographer, he managed to amass an impressive number of awards, including the International Color Award, One Eyeland Award and Black Spider Award. For the International Color Award, Kapil Ralli competed against 6,200 entries from 73 different countries. Currently, he is also a brand ambassador for, the world’s largest modeling platform. Kapil Ralli stands out above all for its color themes and compositions. His notable works include the recreation of Venus Verticordia, a painting by Rossetti. He also did his own interpretation of Les Demoiselles d’honneur by John Millais and Diane Chasseresse by Guillaume Seignac.

Kapil Ralli has a very simple motivation to passionately do the kind of work he does. He is mainly inspired by the quality of the work of Tony Kelly, art photographer and director. Kelly is best known for his style of cinematic photography which often showcases a luxurious aesthetic. Vibrant use of color is also common in his work. It is not surprising that Kapil came to live his works. Just like Kelly, he wants to create his own distinction. “I followed my heart. I want to create a name for myself. I want to create a visual buffer for myself. Every time someone sees my work, they can identify that it’s me,” he shared.

Despite his remarkable success in life as evidenced by his many awards as a photographer, Kapil Ralli still dreams of new achievements. Over the next two years, he intends to join more of the world’s biggest publishing names, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, GQ and Playboy. Being known as someone who works with a unique vision pushes him to elevate his craft more and more.

“I don’t just shoot. I create art. I have a vision and then I create it. I work backwards in my process,” explained Kapil Ralli. “I first visualize the image I want to create. Then I start working backwards. What model, location, colors, dresses, day off, mood, light, makeup, etc. Ultimately, my bold colors/composition/image harmony is what sets me apart.

Kapil Ralli knows that there are countless photographers, both aspiring and seasoned, who want to be recognized for their hard work, keen sense and artistry. They also want to make a lasting impact in the industry by creating timeless images that future generations can enjoy as a window into the past. To these diligent photographers, Kapil Ralli has this to say: “Put your heart into what you do and you will create magic.”

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