We explain how the new Twitter policy on images and videos will work


Twitter’s moves show they are on an accelerated transformation plan. It’s not just about the functions they have integrated, the changes are going on a deeper level as can be seen with the arrival of the new CEO of the company. In the aftermath of this announcement, a new policy was put in place on Twitter regarding the posting of images and videos.

In accordance with the above, it is prohibited to upload photos and videos of third parties to the Platform, who are not public figures or topical material.

Twitter’s new image and video policy aims to protect against harassment

There is no doubt that at first glance, Twitter’s new policy on images and videos can be controversial. Even doubts immediately started to be raised within the same platform and the official report gave answers in this regard. What we immediately think is that if you post a photo of a friend for any reason, we will be breaking the rules. Twitter clarified that this was not the case and revealed a few exceptions where this rule cannot work.

In this sense, they explain that images and videos of public figures, material aimed at helping someone else, and current events will be allowed. The real function of this new policy is to prevent the harassment of activists and community members who are often attacked in this way.

However, all of this leaves a gray area where the definition of images or videos by current events or attacks from certain media can be questionable. In addition, conversations on freedom of expression are starting to open on the platform. For now, we can see how Twitter handles this new policy for posting images and videos.

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